Get Free Gems in Clash Royale

If you want to have gems Clash Royale free and unlimited, maybe this trick you will present below will be of great help to get all the gems you want fast, easy and completely free way. How can I get free gems in Clash Royale? Very easy, pay close attention to what we’ll have next.

Clash Royale is a fun game SuperCell, as practically most of you well know, which involves making online multiplayer battles and live using a total of 8 cards (military cards). Although only 8 cards can be used in combat, there are a lot of cards in the game that can be unlocked. The problem? Gems …

The problem is that there are three major groups of cards : common, special and epic. To get the community cards will not have absolutely no problem, since virtually all the chests that we opened during the game will give us large amounts of this group of cards. The special cards are more difficult to achieve but also easy, over time, access to each and every one of them.However, in the case of letters Epic completely change history.

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How to get gems on free and unlimited Royale Clash

The epic cards are the most powerful Clash Royale and that makes it very difficult to get each and every one of them unless, of course, you buy or get large quantities of gems Clash Royale to redeem for chests.

There are three types of boxes we can buy to open immediately and get hold of a lot of cards and get epic and special cards more quickly and safely. The problem is that these chests have a very high value gems, some gems can hardly get that unless we buy with real money or we use the following tricks that I will present to get free gems Clash Royale .

To get a good number of gems to Clash Royale we are going to teach two good tricks:  the first is the simplest and probably many of you have already implemented several times, however, the second trick to Clash Royale that will teach you that you will allow to obtain large quantities of gems for the game without any cost.

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