Build your Six-packs with Testosterone

Testosterone (T) is a dominant male hormone that plays a key role in muscle growth and development. It is a naturally-occurring hormone in the body that helps in developing bones and muscles. Low T levels can have significant negative impact on a man’s physical and emotional health. The symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, exhaustion, weight gain, depression, and hair loss, changes in sleep patterns and decrease in muscle mass. Men who have low T level tend to increase their testosterone level by injecting synthetic testosterone. This anabolic steroid, increases metabolism, power, muscle- mass and helps in burning fat.

For athletes and body builders, testosterone is the most important anabolic hormone that helps in muscle growth, fat burn and helps to excel in their respective field. The more T means, the more athletic gains, energy, performance, mood, stamina, fast recovery and mood. Athletes take testosterone injections to increase their muscle. There are three common types of testosterone for improving the athletic process- 1. Enanthate- is one of the oldest types of anabolic steroid. This type of T is taken twice weekly and lasts for four to five days. 2. Propionate- this is a deep muscular injection. It works for two to three days. The shots are taken every alternate day. Cypionate- is the favorite of professional body builders and athletes. It works for a whole week. Before using testosterone, there are many things to be considered for e.g. the pros and cons, the side effects, the dosage etc.

Prescribed dosage for a beginner

A simple testosterone cycle is ideal for the first time anabolic steroid user. The beginners are put on the lowest dosage cycle, to minimize the side effects. The side effects usually experienced are headaches, high blood pressure, and bloating and water retention. 200 mg of Enanthate Testosterone injection is given on rest day before the weekly training routine begins. Second dose would be 200 mg mid week for twelve to sixteen week cycles.  Low amount for your first cycle will help your body to get used to the side effects. 400 mg every week per cycle is the ideal recommended dose for the newbie. Later the dosages can be increased and later, the beginner switches to Cypionate. Dosage will be 500 mg for a 12-week cycle. Gradually the dosage is increased to 1000 mg twice weekly. Advanced users inject 1000-2000 mg of cypionate weekly.

 In most cases, testosterone is the only hormone used during an anabolic steroid cycle especially for first time users. Even if multiple hormones are used, the base and foundation will mostly be testosterone.  Women should avoid testosterone injections as they might experience virilization. Side effects may include male pattern hair growth on chin and chest for women. In men, if used for longer period, can cause prostrate cancer, temporary blindness, seizures etc.

Testosterone is one of the most versatile hormones, safer and very well tolerated. It provides almost every benefit one can expect from a hormone.  Beginners and professionals all opt for testosterone hormones to reach their desired targets. Testosterone laws differ around the world. It is illegal in many countries without a prescription. Check, which forms of T, is legal in your country.

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