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Does your body feels the rhythm and cannot stand a minute without moving? Do you have it innately to flow like a flower in wind and leaf on water just to enjoy music? Did you ever spend time in dancing when exhilarated? Don’t waste this life lingering at a job you don’t want to do. Just release and relive, learn and enjoy. Come to the Dubai, the most happening place of the world art. Join in one of the dance classes in Dubai to challenge yourself and prove that you too can dance.

What is Dance?

Dance is a form of expression and performance of art by movements involving human body. They can be performed to rhythmic music or without any. They usually convey a poetry, a story,a cultural ritual, history of a country or convey general expression of thoughts. Dance is as old as man himself.

In earlier ages man celebrated his happiness in daily life with aspects of dance and music involved. They danced in family when there is a ritual, a marriage, arrival of a new life, harvesting season, rain, spring season and at some places people even dance at death as a ritual. But as man evolved, his roots are forgotten and only remembered as rituals. But one can always have a new life, start a new hobby, learn dance as an exercise.


Why Dance?

Due to technology man has evolved from a social animal to solitary animal. Nowadays all are confined to their gadgets like computers, laptops, tabs and phones. They forget about bonding and friendship with fellow humans is now a chore. Dance brings people and minds together. They can fall, laugh, learn and practice. People will let down their hair and be themselves when a rhythmic soulful music induces their body to naturally sway to the beats. There could be cultural exchange and it always is a good exercise technically with many calories spent unknowingly without any effort.

Which is the best place to learn world dance?

World, this day is a conglomeration of different countries, cultures and dance forms. The best place to learn is where there is cosmopolitan environment to live in, with world cultures at one place and at affordable prices with best coaches. Dubai the bridge between east and west,the place where technology is also carried along with culture, the cosmopolitan tourist city which is declared as the best place to live in by Mercer, a global Us consulting firm.

What are the types of Dance forms?

Latin-American dances:

These are usually social forms of dances celebrated at carnival festivals. The Argentinian Tango, Cuban Salsa, Samba from Brazil, Merengue all are highly active dance forms which depict cultures of their respective countries.


There are varied numbers of dance forms from India like Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi, kathakali which usually depict devotional stories of India. While Bhangra and Onam dances are harvest festival inspired.

Middle East Dances:

Arabian dances usually involve circle dancing with Russian influence clearly seen. Kurdish Dance, Dabke, Assyrian folk dance Tamzara and Belly Dancing. Tourists and dance enthusiasts come from all over the world to learn these specialty dance courses.

American and European Dances:

Ballets, Ball room recitals, Musical Theatre dances, Folk dances, hip-hop and disco have originated. Contemporary dance forms like modern dance, waltz and Jazz have all been modernized by popular choreographers.

Thus, several dance forms and its modernized versions are all available as Arts and Humanities courses in number of dance schools in Dubai. Dubai known for its architectural advancements boasts of the best floors for your dancing shoes researched and invented by several scientists.

As a world tourist spots many important dance and music festivals and carnivals are held here. The audience is readily available along with the masters of dance classes. Come dance for life at Dubai.

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