August 16, 2022

The child and adolescent psychiatrist is a doctor who focuses on the diagnosis and the treatment of thinking disorders, behaviour affecting adolescents, children, and their families. The child and adolescent psychiatrist treat a range of patients up to the age of eighteen suffering from mental health problems and conditions which may include depression, autism spectrum disorders, substance misuse anxiety, and eating disorders.

Jonathan Lauter:  The Leading Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Doctor

Being a child and adolescent psychiatry doctor, Jonathan B. Lauter says that by working as a child and adolescent psychiatrist he gets the chance to make a significant difference to the lives of these individuals. Jonathan further added that this is an interesting and challenging speciality which has seen great developments over the last few decades and is continuing to make great steps forward.

Jonathan Lauter says that child and adolescent psychiatrists see a great variety of patients who may come with the certain common problem which are mentioned below:

  • Neuro-developmental problems in children: This may include ADHD or  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, tic disorders, and autism and learning disability
  • Emotional and behavioural problems: This may include disruptive behaviour, attachment disorders, toileting and feeding problems, despair, anxiety obsessive-compulsive disorder,  response to disturbance or life adjustments such as divorce and domestic violence
  • Mental health problems: This may include psychosis, eating disorders, attempted suicide and self- harm.

At times, child and adolescent psychiatrists may work with foster cares, teachers, paediatricians, siblings or others involved with a young person in trouble.

Common intervention procedures

Usually, the interventions may include talking to young people and children as well as their families to gain an understanding of problems and to find a way out, within a child development viewpoint. Jonathan B. Lauter often uses speech or talking therapy as well as cognitive behaviour therapy in children and young people who show cognitive development issues. This therapy enables the patient to look at how they think and feel about a specific situation and to see how this may influence their behaviour. This therapy can also be used to change the behaviours and thinking patterns of the patient.

Together with many other treatments that are devoid of medications, but the child and adolescent psychiatrists may recommend medicine where needed, such as sedatives and anti-depressants. Child and adolescent psychiatrists at times communicate with specialists from many other organizations to provide better care for the patients.

The child and adolescent psychiatrist like Jonathan B. Lauter continue to study and learn about new developments by going through scientific literature and by attending conferences. New knowledge is then applied to therapeutic, diagnostic, and advice-giving work.

Jonathan Lauter has been associated with Elmhurst Hospital Center as the director of child and adolescent psychiatry department outpatient clinic. Prior to this, he has been associated with Mt. Sinai School of Medicine- Elmhurst. As far as his education is concerned he has obtained MD in child psychiatry from Albert Einstein College of medicine and has also completed the residency in general psychiatry and fellowship in child psychiatry from the University of California.

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