How to Move Your Most Difficult Items

One of the most herculean parts of relocation is moving the difficult items. Things that are fragile and sensitive need utmost care right from packing to towing to unloading. You cannot really stack up your potted plants in a box just like your everyday clothes. On the other hand, your piano might encounter an irreparable damage if not secured with adequate wrapping. Read below to know the necessary steps to follow while moving the most difficult items movers.

Potted plants

Preparations to move potted plants start 3 weeks in advance of the moving date. First, you will need to report them in plastic pots. 14 days before the move, prune off the dead parts to give them a compact look for easy carriage. Water the plants 3 days before your moving day. They should be the last item to be packed on the day of moving. First, you will wrap them in tissue paper. Then prepare the carriage box with a bedding of crumpled paper. Place the plant upright inside the box. You should get the separate box for every plant. Make holes on the sides of the box so that the plant gets fresh air and sunlight while on move.

Do you have an aquarium?

First, you will take out your fishes & put them in holding the container with aquarium water. Put live plants in Ziploc bag with aquarium water. The rest of the aquarium water must be drained away. Carry the aquarium, fishes and live plants with you in your car.

Dishes, fine art, and other breakables

You have to wrap each of the pieces individually, first with packing paper and then with bubble wrap. Next, you will secure each of the wraps tight with packing tape. Now, you will prepare the packing boxes. Get the dish boxes made with double cardboard layer for your delicate plates. Make a thick layer of crumpled paper at the bottom of the packing boxes. Then, add a layer of bubble wrap. Next place your items with crumpled paper in between. After you have placed everything, add on more packing paper and another layer of bubble wrap. Then, close the lid and seal up the box with packing tape. The plates must be stacked vertically inside the packing box. The fine art items should have individual boxes for better security.


  • First, you will wrap your piano in a padded blanket. It would keep the keys and wood safe. Make sure every corner of the piano is safely covered by a blanket.
  • Use packing tape as needed to secure the wrap.
  • You will need 3-4 people to life and haul the piano safely. Consult a moving company here as they know where and how to hold a piano to move it safely. The entire thing should always be in upright position.
  • Use the dolly to move it to the truck. When you place it on the dolly, get packing tape to secure it with the dolly so that there is movement when you are pushing the dolly to the truck.

Follow the tips to the T to have a safe move with your difficult items.

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