Introducing Mister Sparky PROTECTION Plans

Are you in need of professional services most of the time? If you have your hands full with kids and your job, finding a time to get someone to fix, repair, or install your electrical needs would be time-consuming, and budget-breaking. This is true when you only have free time during the weekends. Somehow, most electrical services company charge double of the regular fees. Now, that doesn’t sound fair.

If you live in Massachusetts, then you have probably heard or your house may have already been serviced by the best electrical service provider in town, Mister Sparky. This is the first company in town which promises prompt service, and if in any case that the electrician did not make it on schedule, your electrical service needs would be FREE of charge.

The Power Club Membership Program.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, as well as the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every home electrical system needs to be checked and maintained yearly. This is the reason why, in accordance with the goals of Mister Sparky to provide its customers with optimum electrical Service, the company offers the Power Club program membership.


This electrical maintenance agreement will make sure that the company will provide you with regular electrical system checks. This is an annual planned check-up and service. This maintenance agreement will help in keeping your home safe since your electric system is at its best levels.

The Power Club Benefits.

Since you will be a member of the best professional electrical service provider, you are assured that you will receive satisfactory service from Mister Sparky’s staff. Here are the benefits of the protection plan members.

  • Safety, Security, Increase in Appliance Lifespan. With Mister Sparky, you will have a peace of mind that your electrical system is regularly monitored for safety and security. This in return will give you an assurance that the life expectancy of your home appliance will be longer since your electrical system is working properly.
  • BIG Savings. As Mister Sparky Power Club member, you get a 10% discount on your needed services and repairs. With these savings, it would be enough to pay for your annual service.
  • Waived Fees. Since you are a Power Club member, if ever you need service, the travel and dispatch fees will be waived. No additional fees required. This means more savings for you.
  • Power Club Only Rewards. As a member of Mister Sparky Power Club, you will enjoy special privileges that you can’t get from other providers. If you need service, you will be on top of the priority and get your needed electrical service on time.

Mister Sparky is continuously making life easier for you. Now with the Power Club membership program, you’re not only getting the best service from professional electricians, you also get BIG discounts and savings. What more can you ask for? Visit, and be a Mister Sparky Power Club member today!

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