Lawsuit seeking compensation for the repercussions of taking Abilify

Basically people don’t spend time to know about the medicinal product they take, people should get to know the details of the medicines the use daily or even if they take occasionally. The medicines may affect our health if it is not suitable to our body and also if the medicine has chemicals that affect the important functions of the body. So, people use to enquire well about the medicine they take so that they can avoid the side effects even though it is prescribed by health specialists, Doctors and clinicians. Though the person is conscious and careful about the drug, how about if the drug manufacturers hide the risk and danger of taking their drug? Such a drug is Abilify which affects the central nervous system of the body.

Prescribed Abilify

Abilify is a drug prescribed for the issues related to Schizophrenia. Doctors and clinicians county wide prescribe Abilify as anti psychotic drug. But there are a lot of complaints as Abilify lead the person to behavioral issues and addiction. Most of the people that take Abilify suffer from sex addiction or gambling addiction or compulsive shopping. The drug manufacturer has concealed the risk of taking Abilify, knowing that abilify can cause addictionThis is a serious issue as it has affected many people and ripped families affecting their normal life with financial loss and relationship issues.

Serious issues

Practically it is not possible for all the people to learn about the medicines they take since not all the people are educated and also we can’t say that all the educated people will be able to understand the chemical and the scientifically facts of the medicine. Therefore the occurrence of side effects of the medicine is undeniable and the problem is not about the normal side effects but about the serious mental and behavioral issues as Abilify totally damages the behavioral system of the person by ceasing the neurotransmitters and under stimulation of central nervous system. The sad fact is that Abilify is even prescribed to the patients that don’t suffer from Schizophrenia.


Actually the drug manufacturer has to bear the medical expenses and should pay appropriate compensations as there are many people who are suffering due to the intake of Abilify drug. Unless if the lawsuit is filed the company won’t take any steps to pay any settlements to the sufferers. If the problem is taken to the knowledge of the jurisdiction they can probe in to the case and prevent further possibilities of the side effects happen and also order them to pay the settlements properly.


Unless there is a lawsuit, though the company knows the situation they may try to hide or don’t care about this. It is better to avail a lawyer from Med Law Groups regarding litigation since the experienced attorney can give better guidance for receiving claims. Med Law Groups assist their clients to get appropriate compensation from the drug manufacturers for the losses and repercussions happened to the person and the family because of intake of Abilify.

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