Data Science is a specialized field of science that deals about data. It’s also known as data-driven science because it’s data-centric. It’s a field that requires interdisciplinary expertise.  A combination of scientific process, methods, and systems. In order to obtain data information in different shapes, either structured or unstructured. You can even say that it’s more similar to data mining.

This field utilizes special techniques and hypothesis to reach the answer or the level of understanding that one seeks. Basically, you ask a specific question and experts research in order to give you a specific answer.

The answer to life’s greatest questions: It aims to answer life’s greatest questions using methods that are S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bounded). With an interdisciplinary approach, it aims to make theories into a reality. It takes up expertise, practices, and theories in the field of:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Information science
  • computer science
  • machine learning
  • Classification
  • cluster analysis
  • data mining
  • Databases

Apply that in business analytics, and you gotta force to be reckoned with. A crack code even that you can even consider as an overkill for business solutions. If a business is a risk, this makes it less risky. It’s like having the sense of foresight that businesses wanted and it came with the help of science.

Mathematics: Math can answer questions. It creates a doorway to solve problems and makes it possible. Essentially math is about problems and solutions. Science needs that in order to reach the truth. Everything that we do in life has a problem and a solution, with math you become calculated to be able to solve it. You become precise and that makes it factual. But it can only be as factual if a data provided or the given is correct. That is why, data needs math and math needs the truth as a data.

Technology: Technology makes things easier and dynamic. Add technological advancement to current processes and you get a process that can quantify various problems all at the same time with ease. Data are the very reason that computers were made in the first place, to calculate vast amounts of data and quantify it all at once with a speed of a thousand minds combined.

Strong Business Acumen: Businesses deals with risks all the time. All the decisions and actions can lead to either a gain or a loss. And what better field to try out this field in science than in business. It’s the perfect subject, because this helps a business make more sound decisions, better foresight while applying lesser risks.

Dativa understands this all too well, that is why they mix science and business together to help their clients get a higher chance of success. They open up doors of opportunities using data that they gathered to make sure that a company can attain success. With a good amount of competition today and competitive business strategies, it pays to have an edge with the use of  data gathering tools, process, and experts. After all, the one that wins is the one that has more information.

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