October 4, 2022

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Bio-identical testosterone is identified as a form of natural testosterone which turns out to be more effective and better for your health. This form of testosterone is found in the form of a gel or cream and it is a physical form of testosterone replacement therapy. After this cream gets immersed from your skin itevades your liver. This is the reason why this medication is considered safer compared to other kinds of normal testosterone replacement treatment. When you apply this cream on your skin properly, this gel or cream passes through your permeable epidermis and through the dermis. This process is also called osmosis.

Users are often confused regarding what to expect when starting BHRT? Even, not many people are aware of the time it takes to be effective on the users’ skin. So the mere answer is it all depends on the person and the reason behind taking this cream. It takes close to 2-3 weeks. Similar to other products, this product increases the hormone level in your body. Due to this reason, this product is a hugely demanded compound among the bodybuilders and fitness buffs. Other types of testosterone replacement therapy readily transform testosterone into estradiol (a female hormone). This cream transforms less into estradiol compared to other procedures of using testosterone replacement therapy.

For bodybuilding purpose

When used for the purpose of bodybuilding, this cream is effective for short-term only in comparison to other drugs regarding muscular benefits. Users generally refer to this drug as having fast-active and fast disappearing benefits. In this regard, this compound starts spreading its effects as soon as it enters your body. This is generally believed that drugs that turn out to be fast effective turn fast ineffective too. Generally, bodybuilders aren’t habituated in taking this medication cream alone in the form of an essential medication as a part of their cycles and use more in the form of a surgical strike.

When you wish to use this cream prefer daytime just when you are going to plan your week’s most exhausting training periods. Be aware that testosterone does always leave a stimulating impact on the users’ body and you must remember to apply this cream on your clean and dry body. To make your body clean take a bath before applying this cream. No creams or body-lotions are advised to be used on your body prior to post applying testosterone gel or cream. After placing this cream on your body rub gently until it assimilates completely onto your skin.

Buying this product

You have the accessibility to purchase this medication from various sources and among them, the easiest source is a drugstore armed with a physician’s prescription. When you will have the doctor’s prescription you can assure yourself of getting an accurate and quality hormone level. In fact, online sources are also there which boast of selling these products. What you need most is to identify the products well as pharmacy-grade compounds are found in nearly $8/ounce and packed in 3-4 ounces. If you don’t know what to expect when starting BHRT then you simply need to know for what purpose you are taking this product, whether for bodybuilding, sports or treating any medical illness.


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