Tips by dentists to avoid tooth sensitivity

Feeling pain when eating certain foods or drinking cold drinks is one of the most common symptoms of tooth sensitivity. This occurs when dentin, the softer part of the tooth under the enamel, is exposed to external agents. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the dental enamel in optimal conditions and avoid the factors that trigger the so-called sensitive teeth. In this way, we want to explain in detail how to avoid tooth sensitivity.


Before going into detail about the recommendations on how to avoid tooth sensitivity, it is appropriate to know the main causes of sensitive teeth:

  • Retreatinggums: occurs when the gingiva recedes and, therefore, the roots of the teeth are exposed because of too strong or frequent brushing.
  • Gum diseases suchas gingivitis or periodontal disease .
  • Acid Erosion:Dental enamel may weaken because of diet acids and may even disappear this coating of the teeth.
  • Grinding of the teeth or bruxismthat will wear away the enamel because of excessive pressure on the teeth.

In this way, when it comes to preventing the sensitivity of teeth, it will be necessary to try to avoid the risk factors that cause them to appear. Especially, we must emphasize those aspects that we can control first hand as a correct oral hygiene.

For this purpose, it will be essential to use soft or medium toothbrushes to prevent deterioration of the gingiva and consequent wear of the dental enamel. In the same way, it will be necessary to avoid excessive and / or aggressive brushing: Brush your teeth twice a day in a gentle way. There are also specific dentifrices for sensitive teeth that can improve this condition and prevent it from occurring.

The use of floss or dental floss can also help prevent tooth sensitivity because it will help keep your teeth clean and prevent any traces of food or dirt left in your mouth.

Certain acidic foods can increase the possibility of dental hypersensitivity, so you should control the consumption of fruit juices, soft drinks, vinegar, wine, fruit juices

Those who squeak or clench their teeth excessively involuntarily should take extra precautions to avoid deterioration of the dental enamel.

Likewise, it will be essential to visit your dentist and hygienist frequently to make revisions of your teeth and mouth to check that everything is in order and you do not need any type of treatment or intervention.

Apart from this, pediatric dentist Danville assist in treating the broken brackets. If you did not wear a dental appliance when you were a teenager, you may want to wear braces in adulthood. But do not despair: Orthodontics is not a problem and there are several tricks so that others do not notice so much that you wear braces.

When the dentist tells you that you have to wear braces, you may wonder if it is really necessary. You can always ask for a second opinion, but you should not give up good dental health by aesthetic criteria. Think that in the long run not wearing braces will be much worse for your smile.

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