Chocolate and other caffeine in Pregnancy

Gifts of God

Babies are the true gift of nature. We all love babies. From human to every other mammals. Babies fill the place with sheer joy and happiness the happiness that is truly unbound to the maximum extent. And a family without a baby is not a family. Every couple in this universe wants to have a baby at some point of time in their life. However the phenomenon that brings the baby in this universe is not easy. That phenomenon is popularly called as pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very much complex having a lot of characteristics. A lot of physical, biological as well as mental changes comprises the whole story of pregnancy. Physical reproduction is the method with which a baby gets to see the light of this universe. It is primarily a gene transfer reaction between a father and a mother. Both the genes from the parent get fused to become a single entity having all the characteristics of both the parent. In this way the single over 9 months becomes a fully grown baby.

Common Cravings in Pregnancy

The pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the body of the woman. Those changes are mainly physical as well as mental also. All of these changes are very much related to the increased concentration of hormone production. During pregnancy the level of cholesterol increase in a very high amount. This high level of progesterone causes a lot alterations in the body as well as bodily functions. Other than progesterone there are many other hormones whose synthesis increases to a very high level. This high level of hormones makes every function of the body from breathing, digestion etc.totally altered.  These changes are also essential as well as the side effects of these changes must be tackled also. These changes are very much indicative also. They are indication should be carefully followed and reported to the doctors. One of the most common effect that every woman face during pregnancy is unlimited mood swings. The mood swings are also very much dependent on the undulating concentration of hormones. During this mood swings every woman has a different sort of cravings that they face. They feel like eating things that they generally don’t feel to eat at normal time. Chocolates are very much favorite to every human being and also to the pregnant woman. Chocolate contains caffeine mainly. For the woman coffee and chocolate while pregnant is very much common habit.


Caffeine acts as a narco-stimulant. It can stimulate the nervous system. However excessive amount of caffeine can be very much harmful also. However chocolate can also make the mood of the woman very good during their pregnancy. It helps them to overcome the mood swings they are facing. Coffee is also another useful thing for pregnant ladies.

Other Cravings

Apart from these items women also crave for these other things mainly spicy. However the limit has to be set as excessive spicy thing can be very much harmful and can effects adversely in the digestive system and can cause different digestive disorder.

Be Carefull

Coffee and chocolate during pregnancy can cause a lot of sweetness and alter the mood swings during pregnancy however over usage of these caffeine containing compound can also aggravate the situation

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