For a layman neurosurgery is a brain surgery, but it is a myth. In the words of the best neurosurgeon in India, it is a diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the disorders with the spinal cord, column or brain. It depends upon the nature of injury, and then a neurosurgeon may prescribe surgical or non-surgical form of treatment.

best neurosurgeon

The main focus of this surgery is the spinal cord and the brain. It is an advanced form of surgery, where years of experience and training are needed.  The experience and precision on the part of surgeon is an influential aspect as well.

Life after surgery

Once the surgery is over, a considerable amount of time is spending in the recovery room or ICU. In most cases a post-operative CT scan is undertaken, and beside you nurses will be there. In fact the neurologic exam will be there every hour and it is suggested that not too much pain medications should be there. The reason of it is that they want to see you bright and alert. After a few hours you will be provided with water and with every meal your diet will be advanced.

If things go according to plan you will return to your regular room the following day. A physical therapist is going to then work with you. During the next few days, your activity levels are going to increase till the time comes to go home.

Why choose India for your medical needs

If you are considering neurosurgery in India, when compared to the advanced countries you can witness a significant difference in costs. In addition India works out to be a cheap option with zero waiting lists. There is no need to wait for your turn of surgery as you get admitted one day and within a couple of days the surgery is done and dusted. The quality when you compare it to the lower cost stands to be one among the best in the world.

  • The top 10 neuro physician of India are national and international renowned experts. They have created a unique impression as far as treatment of the disorders of the brain or spinal cord is concerned.
  • Most of the top hospitals in India have gone on to use the latest in technology. An ideal example in this regard is imaging which is only available in the advanced hospitals of the world.

Medical tourism in India has taken off like fish to water. It is one of the fastest developing sectors in India and in terms of contribution to the economy it ranks among the top 2. It is a process where medical patients look up to India for all their medical related needs. In fact the number of patients coming to India is witnessing a steady increase in the days to come as well.

It is not only for your medical needs, you can combine a sightseeing trip to India as some of the famous tourist destinations are found in this part of the world.

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