Here’s How James Bond’s Watches Evolved Over Time

People love everything that James Bond wears in the movies. There’s no doubt that James Bond has been quite the trendsetter for gentlemen. Right from the cars that James Bond would drive to the watches he would wear, everything would scream style. With that being said, here’s very specifically about the watches that James Bond has been wearing through the years up until now.

The beginning

Throughout the five movies that Sean Connery did as James Bond, Rolex became his signature style. The watches that James Bond would wear those days made quite a statement, with Submariners being the most worn watch. The watch wouldn’t be a perfectly suave looking one. It was rather a little rugged to add practicality, which still couldn’t steal away Bond’s style.

The mid phase

As both time and character changed (Roger Moore became James Bond), there was a marked change in style as well. In the beginning, Rolex still had a significant place in the movies. However, gradually, it shifted to Seiko. It was time for a little shift from classic, mechanical watches. So, this was also the time when watches came with a blend of technology in them. Also, the fact that Bond was a spy made these watches seem much needed.

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You would see watches with features, like lasers being used in the movie, justifying Moore’s role as Bond. However, quartz watches also had their time in this era. It would make sense to say that as mechanical watches became endangered, quartz and digital watches, like Seiko were more dominantly in use.

The Present

While Rolex was the signature brand for James Bond, in the beginning, it made a shift to Omega which suited Bond even more perfectly. Daniel Craig, the most recent James Bond would be spotted wearing an Omega in the movies you watch. His watches had a dash of style with simplicity- all that James Bond would need. His watches were also more realistic, with no super complicated features in them. Omega became such a signature style for Bond that upon the release of Spectre, Omega also released a new design called the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra James Bond.

The style of watches worn by James Bond has had a significant impact on trends in the past and continue even today. This is why you would find many swiss replica watches taking inspiration from what Bond wore in many of his movies.

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