Is Streaming better than Downloading?

Recently, because of rapid technological development in terms of Internet Speed, Mobile Data, and the mobile phone technology. We can now do “streaming” on our devices.  Firstly, what is streaming? Streaming is the continues transmission of data to a device, usually music or video, that allows instant playback. It is similar to downloading a file but it downloads the bits and parts of the file being streamed into a “buffer”. After being played it is removed from the buffer and deleted so it doesn’t occupy any space in your hard drive. Simply downloading the file, on the other hand, will actually leave the file on your device for your consumption later. Because of its popularity, online streaming websites like 123movies, where you can watch movies with english subtitle, is very widely distributed on the internet. Some even have their own communities and forums. It is the proliferation of these websites that people are slowly abandoning the idea of downloading and simply go on streaming the content.

There is a lot going for streaming video or music instead of downloading it. Let us take a look at these, shall we?

 Space Saver

For anyone who ever owned a phone or a tablet, running out of space is a nightmare. Not only will it make your device intermittently crash but imagine a scenario where you absolutely need to take a picture but your phone says “not enough storage space”. How frustrating would that be? Streaming helps because it does not save anything on your devices – everything is on a server or a “cloud”. The file is stored somewhere in a server but is available only online to be streamed.


Another advantage of streaming is access to a huge selection of titles be it a song or a movie. Because of the digital nature of the content, it can be easily found and arranged. the word video or music in demand comes into play. Imagine, thousands of titles available for you just to register using your email for free. Some websites do not even require you to register to enjoy their services. This is possible because some just want traffic to their website.

In Demand

You can watch when you want and what you want anywhere you want. As long as you have internet access and a data plan, you have the freedom to choose. Depending on your internet speed, sites will let you choose the quality of the content that you want to stream too. You can choose from Standard Definition, Full HD, and $k content depending on the capabilities of your device as well.

      Streaming is awesome, but It can have its drawbacks. For instance, streaming is totally dependent on data or the internet. And not just that, it also drains your gadgets’ batteries so much faster than regular use. Also you might not get full coverage of the internet wherever you go. There are dead sopts or the signal may be slow and blocked in a particular area which will prevent you from getting a signal. Another thing is that streaming may eat up your data limit and can become very expensive.

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