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About Putlocker

Putlocker ranks on the top 250 most visited website in the world and in the top 150 in the United States. Putlocker is a website which streams thousands of entertainment media on its platform such as films and television series. With the shutdown of its competitor, Megaupload in the year 2011, it started to receive many views each day in the UK. It had got eight lakh visitors per day in the year 2012. It was temporarily closed in the year 2016 by UK high court order and later started to do its streaming videos afterwards.

People in UK, USA, India, Canada, Australia and many more countries, use Putlocker for streaming videos such as movies and TV series. They are well aware that they watch pirated movies in this website.

Features in Putlockerstv.org

Putlocker website has a login page on top where you can login using your facebook account, Google account or twitter account. One can watch high definition movies for free and also do free downloads in this website. It has a list of countries listed on top, where you can choose your country option to watch related movies in regional or official languages and subtitles. The link to various genres such as action, animation, crime, romance, horror, mystery, fantasy, drama, comedy, adventure, news, sports and many more are listed which makes your searching option for any movie easy.

The home page has links to suggested movies, featured movies, Top today and Top IMDB options. The primary links in the website are Home, Genres, Country, Featured, Movies, TV Series,  Top IMDB, Full List and Request. The Request link helps the users of Putlocker website to post their personal request to upload one particular movie or TV show series of their choice on to the website.

Criticisms against Putlocker

Putlocker has been reported as a scamming website in 2017. The International Business times in 2017 has reported that Putlocker has been a pirated TV material, since a quarter of the internet users did illegal downloads and copyright infringement. Putlocker was listed as a piracy threat in 2018 by Motion Picture Association of America since it released the movie Deadpool in their website and then to facebook just eight days after the movie release. Many mirror websites under the same name of putlocker such as putlocker. is, putlocker9.com, putlockertv.in, putlockers.cc, 123movies came into existence. It was temporarily shut down for this piracy reason but it has restored its regular streaming currently.

Putlockerstv.org is the official web url. Since Putlocker has many pirated movies through unofficial urls, there are greater risks for the computer to get affected by virus. It has many advertisement pop-ups in the website. One has to use antivirus to stay away from these virus attacks. Putlocker is illegal in many countries.But still those countries where it is illegal, users use Proxy and VPN to view the website, its HD movies and TV shows and download them for free. The movie news link, recent news and the hot article link in the website has no content at all but the link still exists and is not updated on a regular basis.

One can watch all top rated and recently released movies in Putlocker website for free and enjoy the entertainment industry for free with just a good speed internet at the convenience of the home.

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