Sometimes the simplest idea is the best

Making the decision to propose to your loved one can be an incredibly daunting prospect and with some many new ideas appearing to actually propose it can seem all a little scary. But some of the most traditional engagement ideas are still amongst the best. So why not take a look at some beautiful 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Rings and have a read through the list of traditional proposal ideas.

A restaurant proposal

Restaurants have long been one of the classic choices for proposal venues. Whether this is visiting a favourite restaurant or perhaps booking to enjoy the dining experience at a place you have always wanted to visit. Once in the restaurant, you have a variety of options available to you for actually present the ring to your partner and asking them that all important question. You could ask the waiter or waitress to place the ring, in its box alongside the dessert, or perhaps wait until you have finished your meal before getting down on one knee. It’s a classic option and always a winner.

A weekend walk to your favourite spot

If you or your partner aren’t big on being the centre of attention and would much rather your proposal be a more intimate affair with just the two of you, you could arrange to take a nice walk. This could take place at a much-loved scenic spot, or a route that you regularly take, or perhaps during a breakaway on holiday. Regardless of where and when you take the walk, all you really need to have with you is the ring and each other. At a point during the walk, that feels right to you, you can take the opportunity to produce the beautiful ring that you have bought and utter those anxiety-ridden words ‘Will you Marry Me?’

Recreate your first date

For those of you who are perhaps a little more sentimental or who had an incredible first date with your partner, you may want to recreate this event for your proposal. Visiting the same venue and perhaps even ordering the same meal. At some point during or after the evening when you feel the moment is right, you can explain to your loved one what the recreation has been about and anxiously wait for the reply to your question – hopefully not too long and with a positive answer.

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