August 16, 2022

Photography has long been a hobby with a lot of people, but thanks to the evolution of mobile phones with camera that the affinity towards photography has achieved new heights. Photography has several different types, one of which is not very popularly known, and is being slowly explored by many photography professionals and enthusiasts like Martin Sanders, is ‘Street Photography’.

The unexplored recesses of photography in the genre of street photography, is perhaps what makes is more alluring and exciting. Though the name of the category of photography has the word ‘street’ in it, yet it does not necessarily just refer to the photographs taken on a street. It refers to photographs that are not taken within a confined area,but taking in an open space.

This open space that is basis of street photography could be anywhere, it could be public space, a mall, market, a garden, or even a meadow; but what needs to be present in the photograph is the existence of other entities apart from your subject.

How Martin Sanders Found Street Photography So Indulging?

The subject, in this type of photography must always aim at someone/something surrounded by others, and one doing street photography must always keep in mind the aim of this type of photography. For people who are interested in street photography like Martin Sanders should remember that the aim is to bring out the daily activities of life in a new light. The individual or rather the subject of the photograph should not be focused in such a way that the others in the frame appear to be of no consequence.

Instead the subject of focus in this photography should be blended well within its immediate surrounding. A woman walking in the field, a couple dating, someone admiring an object in the market place, could all be subjects in this genre of photography; but make sure you do not instruct your subject on what pose to take. The stance of a subject in this photography style is to remain as natural as can be. In fact, it is best if you do not inform your subject that you are taking his/her photograph prior to taking the shot, this helps in keeping things natural and appealing.

Shooting from the hip position allows you to get the best shots in an open space; you do not have to look through the viewfinder and then shoot. In order to help hone the skills of photography of these street photographers many new point and shoot cameras are now available in the market. It is important to move your body and not the lens of the camera in this photography style. Avoiding long lenses that create a distance between you and the scene should be avoided as far as possible.

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