What Are The Things In The World That Are Right?


There are so many things in the world that do not make sense and the least of the worries of people is that some of them do not have to be right as well. The fact of the matter remains to be seen that when something is always right or wrong that does not mean it makes sense in the actual terminological sense and that does not certainly mean that it should also make sense for people who do not think it to be right or wrong in the first place. Sounds confusing right? Whatever be the case, it is a course for action and that course of action may not be strictly speaking reliable. There are so many things in the world that can cause something to be interpreted as wrong and most of the times it is that someone somewhere made a mistakes and sometimes it has to be taken into account that people do make mistakes. There can never be a perfect biopsy result on your cancer, there can never be an accurate IQ test of your daughter to admit her into the school you wanted her to take, and then when a surgery is about to take place that is crucial for the survival of that person there just be that small shiver in that surgeon’s fingers to nip something and cause the patient to die. It does happen.

accurate IQ test

The Reality Is Harsh

Sometimes, reality is not having to do the average things of life like the average person. It is facing things that one would otherwise not want to face. The opposite of what people want in their dreams is reality and that is something that people do not want to face and might as well be in their own little fantasies. An exact and accurate IQ test would mean that it would tell something wrong about your children and that could mean that they do not get admitted into the finest school or anything of that nature. Yes, it is a sad thing but that is what reality is all about.


Essentially, there are things that can be done to prevent the harsh reality of life taking over from the happiness that a person might have but that does not mean that it will be the reason for you to be happy blind.

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