August 16, 2022

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, also known as IRDA, conducts a national level exam for recruiting insurance agents. Every year a large number of aspirants apply for IRDA exams to become a licenced insurance agent. IRDA online exam is conducted throughout the year. The candidates who want to apply for IRDA exam can fill-up the form 15 days before the exam. The exam syllabus is based on insurance, loans and their general regulations. This exam is conducted through online mode.

 You need to pass the HSC exam to become an insurance agent. There is no upper age limit to take the IRDA exams, and the minimum age limit is 18 years. If you are unable to decide whether you should give it a try or not, then, you must know the benefits of passing the IRDA online exams. To fetch more information about the benefits of appearing for the IRDA exams, click here.

Here are the top 4 benefits of appearing for the IRDA online exam

Getting a license

After passing the IRDA examination, the candidates are shortlisted for a 75 hours training period. As soon as the training is complete, the candidates get a proper licence for selling insurance policies. Being a licenced agent, he or she will be able to sell insurance on behalf of any insurance company. One of the most significant advantages of becoming a licensed agent is that you can start earning quickly, even while pursuing a college degree. Besides, you get a chance to work independently as an insurance agent or choose a company that sells policies on many products.

Rewarding career

You work will be helping people by making them realize their financial goals. So, the difference you can make in people’s lives is the most rewarding thing, along with your bright career prospectives. Stability is essential for any job, and if you want to build a career as an insurance agent, then you will have the advantage of job stability. Besides, if you pursue any related degree, then you can increase your prospectives for management positions. Further, you can pass other licensing exams for the advancement of your career.

Good remuneration

You will be part of one of the best remuneration systems in the industry, both in terms of compensation and stability. The insurance companies will take care of your present earnings as well as a guaranteed payment for the future. Apart from that, you can set your target and earn as much as you want in the long run. Being an insurance agent, your sales abilities will match your earnings. Many insurance agents get paid completely or partly by their sales commission so your high sales skills can get you higher remuneration.

Flexible work hours

Most jobs demand a specific working hour, but as an insurance agent, you get a chance to work according to your convenience. Thus, If you are a homemaker and want to balance both household responsibilities and work, then this can be a great career option for you. Besides, the students who wish to continue their education while working can also appear in the IRDA exams for becoming a licensed insurance agent. Even the retired people can pursue the IRDA examination as there is no upper age limit.

There are several benefits of pursuing your career as an insurance agent. If you appear for the IRDA exams, then you can avail these benefits by becoming a licensed insurer and help prosper your career.

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