7 Reasons It Is Important to Damp Proof Your Home

With rising climatic adversities, most of us are likely to face damp issues in our home at some point in time. Moisture can infiltrate your building through its base leading to the material disintegration, mites infestation, mould growth besides several other devastating effects.

No matter, if it is an old house or new construction, with timely damp proofing, can help you to save it from further damage.

Still not convinced enough to invest in damp proofing? Let us give you seven compelling reasons why it is essential.

  1. Control the excess moisture build-up: Besides rainfall, activities like cooking, washing, showering, drying clothes etc. also contribute to the dampness. With damp proofing, you could coat the susceptible areas with a special solution which will prevent moisture from seeping in the walls and ceiling.
  2. Propagate healthy surroundings: Excess of humidity and moisture levels inside your house could lead to cold besides skin irritation or rashes. Continual exposure to the dampness for an extended period could hurt your immune system and can even turn your disease into a chronic issue thus making the treatment difficult. Also, humid air isn’t any good for asthmatic patients besides it also attracts dust mites thus causing double whammy. Simply by coating your home walls by a damp roofing solution, you could save yourself and your family from this pretty much avoidable trouble.
  3. Prevent mould growth: Mould is the by-product of damp- If you begin to notice moisture build-up inside your house, know that moulding won’t be too far in catching up. Get in touch with a damp specialist to get rid of the problem before it raises its ugly face.

  1. Remove bad odours: Sticky and humid air quality, be it outside or inside the house, is never comfortable to breathe in- in extreme cases, it can also make you feel nauseated. When the house is already damp, even your air conditioning systems can aid the spread of this unpleasant smell. The only effective way to deal with the problem is to damp proof your house.
  2. Prevent bugs: Bugs and other insects thrive in damp humid environments- By damp proofing, you could show them the door.

  1. Protect wooden articles: Dampness and condensation go hand in hand. Too much moisture inside your house can destroy your wooden articles from the inside, often irreversibly.

  1. Expedites drying process: You can’t expect the weather to be on your side always which means that sometimes, you might need to dry clothes inside. However, in a dampened environments, the clothes might take aeons to dry up completely.

Now that you know how important is to damp proof your house, you must book an appointment with the professionals at the earliest for putting a moisture-protective coat.

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