A Checklist of What to Do Following A Car Accident

If you are a road-user, two of the worse sounds are rubber screeching and metal crunching, which are preludes to a car accident. Being involved in a car accident, even minor ones can be confusing, chaotic, stressful and scary not to mention expensive.

If you know what to do when you get in a car accident, you will not feel helpless when you encounter an accident. To help you get started here’s what to do when you get in a car or truck accident:

• Stay: it is against the law to leave the accident scene even if it was not your fault. For

hit and run incidents, the penalties are severe. With this in mind, you have to stay. Your first goal is to get out of the line of traffic by pulling on the side of the road. Do not forget to turn your hazard lights on.
• Check for injuries: it is easy to panic and think mindlessly but you have to pull yourself together. Check for injuries. If you are injured severely, do not attempt to move or let anyone move you unless there is an imminent danger.
• Call 911/police: at this point, it is prudent to call emergency services. The police will be dispatched as well. Try to remember things so it will reflect on the incident record.
• Put signs: while waiting for emergency services, you should ensure that the accident site is highly visible. Hazard lights are sometimes not enough. You have to put road signs to indicate that there is an accident ahead to prevent more accidents.

what to do when you get in a car or trust accident
• Check if there is leaking: remember that a fuel leak is a fire risk. If you suspect any leaks, maintain a safe distance.
• Get the other driver’s data: after ensuring your safety and the people around, it is time that you gather data or information about the other driver. Start by asking the full name, address, insurance, driving license, registration, and contact numbers.
• Take pictures/videos: pictures and videos will be your strongest evidence. Do not hesitate to take it.
• Do not admit liability: at the onset, you should not admit liability. Admitting your responsibility will weaken your case and your claim. Wait for the investigation to commence and conclude before admitting any liability.
• Get a medical checkup: if it is just minor, you should think about getting a medical checkup. You can use the results to strengthen your claim and settlement.
• Call insurance company: priority here is yourself. Once you are safe, you need to report the accident to your insurance company. Sometimes it is easy to lie but it is against the law so always tell the truth.
• Look for an attorney: at the end of the day, you will need help when it comes to settlement. Lawyers are important in determining the best course of action.

You must remember that a car accident is inevitable no matter how safely you drive. The aftermath of the accident will depend on how you potentially settle your claim without issues and recover the damages for the injuries that you have suffered. For this, you need the help of a legal counsel.

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