Benefits of the treadmill and how to use it

There is always talk of the benefits of exercising and that is something that we should all do. Nowadays and more with so many things that we see on the Internet, it is easy to fall into a sedentary life that keeps us close to a sofa and even when we just go out to take a walk other than going to work, to class or to the responsibilities of everyday life, a treadmill is an ideal device that helps us break that habit and acquire another one that will give us health and a good quality of life, but what benefits does the treadmill give us ? .

It makes us feel good and motivate us to improve ourselves

After exercising, we secrete three hormones, among them dopamine, a hormone linked to addictions that makes us experience a pleasant sensation after exercise. This is what makes us get addicted to this substance as soon as we get used to it. the impulse to do more and more, with which activity will hook us. By secreting dopamine we also reduce the concentration of tobacco, drugs, and sugar that even cause tooth decay with the additional expense.

It gives us a feeling of happiness

Benefits treadmills the second hormone that we secrete called endorphin, the best known of all, make us feel happy, happy and in certain cases euphoric, works as a natural analgesic that reduces anxiety and stress. It is released as soon as the exercise is finished and it is lost little by little, it also acts like the dopamine that motivates us to want more and to go up another day to the tape.

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It helps us sleep better

The third is serotonin, loopband kopen a substance that influences our mood after exercising, gives us a sense of calm that makes us feel happier and helps especially against depressive states, is what makes us a better sleep and reconcile we eat better.

We have to keep in mind that we have to practice exercise a few hours before the time we go to sleep, since first, we will feel a tremendous high of wellbeing and later our muscles will relax, the hormones will be lost and then is when we will notice the fatigue of exercise that will help us sleep much better.

It is a perfect means to lose weight and control it

The treadmill is very comfortable to exercise, we have it at home and it is easy to find some free time a day to walk or run, perhaps at the beginning it will cost us and some may hurt the whole body (pay attention to warming !) but then little by little our body will begin to segregate the three mentioned hormones in greater proportion, and it will get used to the movements, to the point that it will be a routine and at times we cannot do it to be busy or not be at home and have that money for doing some exercise.

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