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There are many places to buy bicycles online today, but Progear has proved itself to be one of the best. If you reside in Melbourne Australia and you need a top quality bicycle for yourself, you should never delay in contacting Progear bikes Melbourne.  The outlet has got different categories of bicycles on sale and you can always trust in the quality of each of the bicycles.  If you have not been able to get top quality bicycles from other outlets, it is high time you gave Progear a chance and you will never regret it.  In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you a couple of reasons to contact Progear when buying bikes.

Lifetime warranty

Every bike you buy from this outlet comes with a lifetime warranty, which is one of the main features that make the outlet highly reliable for your bicycle.  This is not surprising anyway, considering the fact that the bikes are of top quality and made to last for long.  Each of the bikes made here is put through a very tough quality control test and each of them can last for long. Rarely will you find any other outlet that offers the same top quality as you will find on this outlet.

You will get a lifetime warranty on all the frames of the bicycles you buy here. You will also get a lifetime warranty on all the forks.  Also, the outlet will give you manufacture’s warranty on all the non-consumable components of the bicycle.  This is just one of the many benefits you get when you buy Progear bikes Melbourne.

Progear bikes Melbourne

Iron-clad return policy

You are free to return any of the bicycles you have purchased here if the bicycle develops any fault whatsoever.  Progear is willing to give you a replacement or even a refund. If the bicycle gets damaged for any reason, you can simply inform the outlet about the damage and they will help with the repair.  You will never be asked to pay for the repair since the bicycle is under a lifetime warranty as described above.   You can even learn about bicycle types and uses.

Innumerable bicycle types

You can trust Progear for all categories of bicycles, including vintage bicycles, tricycles and even mountain bikes. Do you need electric bicycles for your daily use? Progear can supply you with the bike. Furthermore, Progear sells bicycle accessories and parts. You can also trust the outlet to service your bicycle for you.

 Things to note about the warranty

Bear in mind that the warranty is not transferable; only an original buyer can enjoy the benefits attached to the warranty.  Bear in mind also that there is no warranty on consumable parts; examples of consumable parts are saddle covering, brake pads, cables, tyres, tubes and grips. The warranty also does not cover corrosion, rust, paint damage or any modification the end user may make to the bicycle.  Those normal wear and tear, as well as, improper assembly and improper maintenance are equally not covered by the warranty.

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