Common Questions To Ask A Skip Hire Services Providers

During the spring, homeowners have their work cut out to clear up the garden space from fallen leaves and roots. If collecting the stuff lying here & there, get rid of the garden waste is even more complicated. The local authorities are nowadays stern on what kind of waste they will accept. Like this, there are so many situations when we find it tough to dispose of the rubbish items in your home or office. This is where the skip hire Berkshire companies are so valuable, just make a call and they will right at your place with a skip based on your specific requirements. Later, once the skip bag is filled you can remind to revisit your house to take back the skip.

Now, before you make the call, it is imperative that answer some of the most common queries that may be looming in your brain.

How much will hiring a skip cost me?

This is largely determined by the capacity of the skip you opt for. If you dealing with garden waste, then a small-to-medium one will serve the purpose. On the flip side, for house renovation waste, you require a pretty big skip bag.

Skip Hire Services

Is there any waste that cannot be accumulated in the skip?

Yes, there are many skips hire Berkshire companies those put special restrictions on the kind of the waste you collect into the skip. Usually, these restrictions include hazardous waste, electrical stuff and medical waste. So, talk to your skip hire company beforehand to know their rulings in terms of waste collection.

Where can you place the skip upon hiring it?

If you don’t have a driveway or a massive backyard space, then you are going to face a big issue of where to keep the skip bag. This is where your prospective skip hire Company can bail you out, by filling a request on your behalf to the local administration to let you keep the skip on the government land for some time.

Do skip hire companies to take part in waste recycling?

Yes, as the government policy the skip hires companies to have indulged in the waste recycling program for the good of the environment we breathe in. So, don’t feel timid to inquire your potential skip rental company on this

What if you have heavy waste to deal with?

You can request your skip hire company to provide you with the manpower to collect the waste onto the skip. Certain companies offer this service as complimentary, while some charge a nominal fee for this add-on service.

Be wary of the company you contact, does it has a strong reputation in the region being an eco-friendly skip hire rental company?

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