Company Car Liability for an Auto Accident

If you are employed by a certain organization and you have been involved in an accident, your employer might be liable for the crash depending on the vehicle involved and your trip. This is because the doctrine of ‘respondeat superior’ might impart the liability for the crash on your employer even if you acted negligently while on the job. Note that these issues are complicated and it is in your best interest to talk to an experienced Toledo car accident attorney.

Liability via vehicle use for work

Some companies ask their workers to use their personal cars when handling their duties such as making deliveries and attending important business meetings. If you are involved in an accident while driving for task intended to benefit your employer, both you and the company may be held liable for the damages associated with the accident.

This concept also applies to a situation where you were driving a car provided by your employer for work reasons. If you are driving within the right scope of your duties or you are not deviating from a regular destination, your employer may be held responsible for damages resulting from the accident you caused.

The ‘going and coming rule’

Have you ever thought about the liability of accident caused by an employee driving to or from work? In Ohio State, precedence has been set for the determination of employer liability in these circumstances. According to this rule, your journey to and from work isn’t within the scope of your employment. Therefore, your employer will not be liable for the crash that you might cause while driving to and from work.

However, there is an exception to this rule. It is known as the ”required vehicle exception.” If you are driving your own vehicle to handle a task that is benefiting your employer, then, the company can be held liable for the accident you caused.

Establishing liability for a car crash

Many vehicle crashes take place during the rush hour when most people are going to or coming from work. That means it is essential that you understand the full scope of responsibility in your particular car accident case before you pursue a personal injury claim. It is also important that you review a settlement offer with your attorney before you accept it. Ensure that the offer covers all your medical expenses and other damages associated with the accident.

Keep in mind that no one wants to be at fault for an auto accident. That means the other driver will definitely try to show you that you were at-fault for the crash. Your business is not to believe them. Instead, get in touch with your employer and attorney. Remember, there are other important steps that you should take immediately after the crash. These include; calling the police immediately, seeking medical attention, and when possible, document the moments immediately before, during, and after the crash.

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