December 3, 2022
Disney Park

You’re having a trip to Disneyland this weekends? Or perhaps, you just wanted to know some tips before booking a flight to Disneyland?

Worry no more! You’ve come to the right place. This article is about Disneyland travel tips that could actually save your day. Follow these to ensure that your trip would be fun and exciting.

Disneyland aka the “happiest place on earth” can also be one of the most crowded places on the earth. Why? Have you ever met a person that doesn’t know a thing about “Disney?” Most of them include Disneyland in their bucket list. Not only that, aside from being one of the crowded places, Disneyland can also be one of the most expensive places on the planet.

So whether you’re a first-timer or a Disney-traveler veteran, these secret tips will surely help you to have a magical visit ever!

1. Look for a Quiet Space in the Crowd

For a first-timer, there are two theme parks inside Disneyland Resort. One is the original “Happiest Place on Earth” which is the Disneyland itself, it includes attractions such as Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Space Mountain, and Matterhorn. The other one is the Disney California Adventure, it includes attractions such as the Pixar Piers, Cars Land, Bug’s Land and etc.).

Disney Park

The most common place to visit by travelers is Disneyland park, so the other parks would only have small crowds, and that park would be the California Adventure trip. If this place is also a bit crowded, just a grab a snack, and look for a quiet space near the Silly Symphony Swings ride. This area is a covered space with lots of benches. Usually, this area is almost empty.

For the Disneyland Park, look for a cute and usually empty seating area next to a small lake between Matterhorn and Small World rides. One of the not so crowded areas is Tom Sawyer Island, Splash Mountain, and the Rivers of America.

2. Meet the Princesses For Free!

Most of the fans make a reservation for a pricey meet and greet character dining. But did you know, there are two free options you can make to meet them without making a reservation?

First, stroll around Fantasyland, you’ll likely to meet princesses like Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Tiana they often hangouts to sign some autographs. The second option is to go to “Anna & Elsa’s Royal Welcome” event. You’ll find this event inside the Disney Animation Building at California Adventure.

Usually, fans are lining up to meet them, but they make sure that each fan gets a chance to meet, hug, and take a pic with Elsa and Anna.

3. Don’t bring Selfie Sticks, Drones, and Glass Drink Ware

Unfortunately, Disney parks banned Selfie sticks since 2015. One of the main reasons is that people could hurt them out while on rides. And others can accidentally ruin some safety equipment.

So to avoid this kind of mishaps, Disney parks made a decision to banned those Selfie sticks for the safety of the guests. Aside from Selfie sticks, drones and glass containers are also not allowed. But they allow tiny baby food glass containers to bring inside the park.

You can find a lot of Strikingly Disney Tips Blog around the internet. Some are really worth reading and others are just so-so. Whether it’s worth one or just a so-so, those tips will surely help you to prepare for your Disneyland trips. So start jotting them down, and have fun!

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