Here’s What to Look for When Choosing Electric Scooter

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to go to work, it is time that you consider electric scooters. For the electric scooter to function, you just need to recharge the battery, kick off and press the start button.

You must know that having adult electric scooters is the norm these days. In fact, it became as common as owning a car or bicycle. With this, there are many options available but choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

To make things easier on your part, here’s what to look for when choosing electric scooter:


You should know the price range at the onset so you can create a budget. Keep in mind that the price will depend on the type of scooter. For instance, light recreational scooters are priced under $300. However, you should expect weak brakes, underpowered motors, and low capacity batteries.

If you need a scooter for traveling shorter distances, budget commuter ranges from $300 to $600. If you need it for traveling longer distances, premium commuter ranges from $600 to $1200. If you need a high-performing scooter, you should at least invest $1200.

Make and model

After setting the price you can afford, you can start looking for the make and model of the scooter. You can start with the leading brands. If not, you can rely on recommendations and referral. More importantly, you should read reviews online.

Miles per charge

The next thing to consider is the range or miles per charge. This refers to the distance a scooter can travel before the battery runs out of power. While you are at it, you should also determine how long it would take to charge the battery.

Electric Scooters

Maximum speed

If you are after speed, you should compare several scooters. If you want to use the scooter for your daily work commutes, maximum speeds of 4-10 mph may be frustrating. A reasonable speed is 15 mph. If you have a high-performance scooter, its speed could reach up to 18 mph. If you travel fast, you should wear safety gear.

Motor power

In general, the motor power of electric scooter starts at 200 watts. You should evaluate your needs and the terrain so you can decide what motor power to consider. For instance, 200 watts will be adequate for flat surfaces. If there are steeper hills, you may need 500 watts.


Just like cars, scooters are equipped with suspension. This will smooth out bumps and road indentations. If you have a longer commute or if you are traveling on rough terrain, it is recommended that you purchase a scooter with suspension.


When you are on the road, you should make sure you are seen especially after dark. This is when the front and rear lights are important. Remember that electric scooters typically do not have visible rear lights. With this, you should invest in flashing rear lights to your helmet.


You must know that there are four main types of the brake – electric/regenerative (the weakest), foot (activated by pushing the foot down on the rear fender), drum (installed inside the wheel hub) and disc (the strongest stopping power).


Tires come in the following varieties:

  • Airless: these tires are inferior but there is no maintenance needed.
  • Pneumatic: these tires are air-filled, which have the advantage of shock absorption. In bad weather, it has traction. The downside is it requires more maintenance. By getting this type, you are significantly improving ride quality.

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