How useful areproxy when it comes to an online site?

You should be careful and not get onto a proxy server which might be logging onto your data and selling it. This way, the whole purpose of hiding the identity will be defeated. If there is no encryption of your request, then it your server isn’t an online proxy, and you are being fooled into believing it is a proxy server. If the claims are sent the same way as plain text as you have sent, you are not getting your identity hidden. The proxy server must have the capability of having full encryption in place. You will know that not all proxy servers are not useful for you will have to choose them based on the functionality and how you could make use of them.

Challenges faced

There are servers which inform the webservers that they are proxy and they are known as transparent proxies which are mainly used by public institutions. As these will be used for content filtering more than anything else. These can be set on either the client or the server sides.

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The anonymous proxy will allow you to hide your identity and but will let the webserver know that it is a web proxy. But it will definitely in keeping the browsing habits confidential. You can be spared from the targeted marketing content that comes your way. As the server will not be able to trace your location as the IP address is not known. Some proxies will make a fake identity for you, and this type of proxy is known as distorting proxy which is used even though you venture out as an online proxy but with a false IP address and get to content which is restricted to you.

There is a high anonymity proxy which is used for highly secure and private browsing experience wherein not a soul will get to find out where and when you are on the browsing space. Virtually nothing is given out, and there will not race for the person to find out. Though proxies are widely used, they have come into a fair share of controversies, which all begins with net neutrality and censorship issues which have been cropping up every few years. The internet service providers have the authority to check on your bandwidth and internet traffic as such which is what net neutrality will cause, as the proxy servers will have to figure how to work around such imposed restrictions. At present, you can be assured that proxy servers are out here to provide data breaches and cyber attacks.

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