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There are many reasons why someone can carry out a police check. Police records are monitored and, as a rule, distributed to law enforcement agencies, government licensing authorities, and criminal justice agencies. Those who work with high-risk groups, such as the elderly, the disabled or children, can also be asked to submit to police control. Anyone who works in a high-security environment should also expect police control. Run a police check in two ways. The two most common methods are the general search of records on the Internet through the service of verification of biographical data or a more accurate report through the fingerprinting agency.

Online police data check

Although an online police data check is likely to show the same information as the fingerprinting service, it often also includes additional records that are not relevant to the person being verified. A person can provide a false social security number upon arrest, as a result of which a document search will reveal a crime of which the person knows nothing. However, the use of a fingerprint scan will only detect crimes that were committed by an individual. Ranking for all results returned by an online search can be difficult, especially if the person being reviewed has a common name. The more familiar the title, the more results will be returned and the longer it will take to sort the sent records.

national police check australia

Scanning using the fingerprints of a national police check australia provides more accurate information about a person’s criminal history, but it is not available to everyone. Employers can not request prints if they do not deal with high-risk groups or confidential government documents. The human right to privacy makes these crime databases generally available only to law enforcement officials. Not only that but taking fingerprints can be very expensive. Although an online check can be done in minutes, fingerprinting takes several weeks and can cost more than $ 75 per person. The cost and limited nature of fingerprints make online data verification the most common method to verify information in most industries.


You may even want to check it yourself to make sure the information provided is accurate. If you find errors in this information, you will be provided with the contact information of the people so that you can correct any mistake promptly. Ultimately, this can save you a job or even a loan if the lender has verified your biography. Online services, as a rule, require payment, be careful with sites that do it for free.

Even before going to one of these services in the background, you can try using your favorite search engine to investigate the person you want to consult. Almost everyone in the world is connected to the Internet in some way, and searching the Internet can provide valuable information without spending a dime. You can also go to county reports in your area and find out all kinds of information, but it may be worth the payment.

It may be more difficult to classify all the results obtained, but the information collected in most work or rental applications should be sufficient to limit the field. If there is any question about the information that appears against a police check, the prospective tenant or employee should be able to provide the necessary information to show that the charge does not belong to them or explain why they did not mention it. In any case, he will give you the necessary information to make informed decisions.

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