Perfect Horticultural Conditions This Summer

It is time of year when all gardeners from beginners to specialists in the preparation of these plants think in the greenhouse for the summer months. Now, while the primary goal of the greenhouse is to give plants a little warmth and shelter, you should remember that they can do a lot of good. Burns and high temperatures, if not controlled, can damage plants (especially young ones) in a short time. Nowadays, ventilation in greenhouses, of course, is not something to panic, but something that must be taken into account.

Ventilation is probably the most important way to do this because, without it, you leave your plants open to problems and believe it or not. Still, more plants die from overheating than cold inĀ horticultural supplies. The reason is that ventilation serves four primary purposes: temperature regulation, fresh air, prevent pests, and finally stimulate pollination. None of these elements has priority, but all have their advantages.

The primary purpose of the nozzles is to maintain a more uniform and steady temperature, providing stations with a stable environment and fresh air. This is very important because plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. If the greenhouse does not have good airflow, you are depriving it of the vital ingredient required to produce and grow sugar. Also, fresh air movement and blood circulation promote pollination.

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Ventilation is also an essential factor in pest control, which many do not know about. Poor ventilation not only makes your plants feel sick but also provides the perfect breeding ground for insects. Putting fans around plants affected by pests can leave the creature completely greenhouse.

A good tip for ventilation is to make sure the ventilation level is low by adding vents such as curtains, and it is recommended to keep them open in a warm season. One addition at the opposite end of the door will allow air to pass through each end and push the warm air upward and through the vents in the ceiling. Also, they are placed around tomato plants, where the air can circulate around dense leaves.

It should be noted here that many types of greenhouse ventilation systems can not be installed, whether they are vents or ceiling because you do not need to open them all, but if the temperature rises significantly. It would be ideal to have one large opening on the surface and several ventilation openings in the base, which provide cross ventilation, which is the most natural type of ventilation. If you’re struggling to add additional ventilation holes to the greenhouse, using fans is a great way to move air around the greenhouse.

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