Promote your business by giving your employees identity lanyards

The lanyards are commonly found a piece of the item at corporate offices, government places, schools, hospitals, and so many other places. A lanyard is simply a strap or cord embraced to wrist, shoulder or and generally around the neck to carry the identification card, key or other valuables. Just for retract that last time you went to a mall, and there you found the sales guys with a rope holding their identity details, well that rope is a lanyard.


In recent times, companies have started to recognise the lanyards as a cost-effective conventional means to promote their brand/product range. Furthermore, this versatile piece of an item gives employees a sound feeling that they belong to a particular organisation. Given below are the benefits of having lanyards:

Effective Promotion

The lanyards can prove to an effective business promotion tool that doesn’t necessarily shout like the T.V. or the radio ads. For instance, you operate a plumbing company, when your team of technicians visits a house to fix a problem with a lanyard describing their identity and company info. This will do a whole lot in brand your business, and their neighbours can obtain the company’s contact details easily. Ultimately, you are publicising your business in your local target market, which in the course of time will improve your revenue.

Builds Credibility

Another benefit of making all your employees wear a lanyard is that it helps them build your company’s overall credibility. Just imagine, your sales guy is trying to convenience a buyer at your store without the lanyard highlighting the name that buyer won’t be able to talk in confidence. This is because he/she doesn’t know to whom they talking to. But, with a lanyard hung, they quickly check the name and the post of the person just with one quick glare. So, on the whole, the lanyards bring a feel of professionalism not only among your employees but also your potential customers.

Your Employees Carry The Brand

The single biggest benefit that comes with making wearing the lanyard mandatory for your staff is that it plays a significant role in taking your brand to the limelight. Each of your employees with a lanyard is your company’s signboard taking your business to masses, which even the priciest market strategies can’t.

Instil Professionalism

Now, speaking from the viewpoint of an organisation, a lanyard worn by an individual in your office will instil a feeling of professionalism. This will leverage to behave in a good manner with the clients, as they are a part of an organisation. Moreover, it gives them a feeling of self-belief.

The lanyards come in a variety of options, in terms of designs. So, pick according to your business promotional goals and employees convenience is also an important factor.

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