Taking a Look at My Favorite Strain

If I were to choose my favorite strain, it would have to be Auto Daiquiri Lime.I am not the only one who enjoys this strain, as it has quickly become one of the most widely grown and used strains this year. As with any strain, there are advantages and disadvantages to using and growing a photo period strain like Auto Daiquiri Lime. With this in mind, we thought we’d talk about the strain in a little more detail. Strains such as this are available for sale on Anubis Seeds.

What is the Taste Like?

Most people enjoy vaping this strain, as this really brings out the taste. It can be best described as a smooth lime taste, which can be rather zesty – yet pleasant. I have to say that the taste makes you want to go back for a little more!It is one of those strains where the taste seems to remain in your mouth long after you use it. Although, it is not everyone’s favorite taste, as some compare it to a flu remedy!

Is there a High Associated with This Strain?

The high can be quite instantaneous when you use this strain.But, it is not a dizzying high, which is a relief for many.

Some people use this strain to help increase their focus and I can see why people get this effect.

We have heard of plenty anecdotal evidence which seems to suggest that the strain has a positive effect on userswho battle chronic pain. I found this to be the case, as I have had a bad back for a number of months, and the pain disappeared almost overnight once I used this strain. It is certainly worth trying if conventional treatments do not work for you.

Can Auto Lime Daquiri Help Combat Anxiety?

Not only have we heard positive reports for this strain helping chronic pain, we have also heard that it helps people who suffer from anxiety.Some people worry that strains like this exacerbate the problem, but we have found the opposite to be true. Other strains with similar genetics do seem to increase panic and anxiety, but we have not found this to be the case with Auto Daquiri Lime.

We have found the strain quite simple to grow, because of its auto flowering genetics. Let us know what you think about this strain. We are keen to hear about your good and bad experience with Auto Daquiri Lime.

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