Wearing Tips For Contact Lens

Those who wear contact lenses for the first time will have some practical questions about the correct way to use and wear them. Here are some tips that will answer your questions.

The correct way to use your lens

The best way to place an optical geo lenses is to stick it on one of your fingers to form a cup that accepts the bulk of your eyeballs. Then hold it right in front of your eyes to see the cup. If the edges fall, you’re doing it wrong.

If you are using an auxiliary tone, use the tip of your finger to hold the lens. You will find that the tint of the edge of the lens is very visible, which is not the case if the lens is turned over.

Put your contact lens

Before putting the lens in your eyes, make sure your hands are very clean. Avoid using products that may adhere to the surface of the lens and damage the eyes when used.

Before using, you can try gently shaking the body of the lens to loosen the lens if it gets stuck inside. Never try to remove it with your fingers, as this could damage the lens. Simply loosen the contact lens in the palm of your hand and rinse it with a lens solution. After that you can put it on a middle finger or dry index finger. With the other hand, gently squeeze the eyelid and lower the lower cover. Look up so you can position the lens correctly and you will get top benefits of geo lenses. Be sure to place the lens in the eye closest to the ear. Let the lens calm down, rolling your eyes slightly and blinking.

Removing your contact lens

As with placement, you should also wash your hands thoroughly before removing the contact lens. Then look up as in the application. Lower the lower cover so that you can gently slide your finger inside the eye to remove the lens. Use your index finger to lightly pinch the lens and remove it slowly. It is strongly recommended that you trim your nails so as not to hurt your eyes during the process, as you can accidentally hit the whiteness of the eye instead of the contact lens. In fact, this is just an inversion of the process of applying the lens to the eye.

There are several devices designed to remove contact lenses, such as “emboli”, but this is very easy to do on your own, as long as you follow the steps correctly.

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