Why same day delivery is so important?

Everything today happens at a supercharged pace. We can message people instantly, get to Paris in a couple of hours and have super-fast processors inside our mobile phones that provide us with information in a second. In a world where no-one wants to wait, customer expectations have increased too. Businesses must now maintain a competitive edge and that has led to the rise in same-day delivery services becoming the norm.

The clue is in the name, but same-day delivery refers to services that offer a collection and delivery of goods within 24 hours. Of course, there are some limitations. These would include size, weight, delivery location, weather conditions and logistics. So, why would anyone need same day delivery? Here are some of the benefits if you’re considering hiring a courier firm who offer this speedy service:

The advantages of same day delivery:

  1. All about having a competitive edge

It’s a tough environment in the world of business, with many businesses offering similar services and products at near identical prices. So, how do you differentiate? Those businesses offering same day delivery have a competitive edge over businesses who do not. A business can easily develop a unique selling point if they off same day delivery at no additional charge. Customers will undoubtedly choose the company offering the better service in terms of delivery. For a Same day Courier Service, contact All About Freight.

  1. Increase productivity

Working with the need to dispatch goods on the same day is said to improve the productivity of staff. Employees are more likely to be motivated when they see an immediate requirement to get goods sent out. It’s a more tangible satisfaction, knowing that the customer will receive their items in as short a time as possible.

  1. Better inventory management

Inventory management becomes simpler when you start operating same day delivery. One of the most time-consuming and costly elements for a business that sells goods is the storing of stock and processes to manage that stock. With same day delivery, the sales and production occur simultaneously, thus reducing the amount of stock that needs to be held.

  1. Improved trust

Offering a same day delivery service sends a message of trust, reliability and professionalism. Satisfied customers who return and provide positive feedback are the backbone of successful enterprises and this service makes customers feel valued and important. Turn your customers into willing brand ambassadors with a same day delivery service.

  1. Importance of delivery options

If you’re still not convinced, consider that a whopping 50% of online consumers have abandoned a purchase due to unsatisfactory delivery options according to an E-consultancy survey. That’s a lot of potential custom being thrown away!

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