2020 Acura MDX: Best Aspects to Consider

The 2020 edition of MDX from Acura adds another feather to the crown of top selling segment of three-row family crossovers. It has been there on the market for quite some time now, and with every year Acura keeps refining its different aspects, making it yet more desirable a vehicle especially for the large families. It makes one of the best family haulers, that offers a spacious cabin that apart from being a cozy retiring room also assist the driver and the passengers with the latest technology support.

Handsome Looks Inside and Out

From the Henderson Acura dealership we came to know that the 2020 Acura MDX is a large three-row crossover that can make place for eight adult passengers and a small group of kids. With the 2020 edition models released of late, the 2020 MDX models look handsome  inside and out, that is crafted with an aesthetic mind. While the exterior shape and overall appearance boasts a rugged confidence, its interior on the other hand createsa serene atmosphere that maintains a consistent quiet even when driving through a busy road.

Utility Aspect

Each of the 2020 Acura MDX justifies its role as  a crossover model by caging a spacious cabin to haul a large family consisted of maximum eight members. All the three rows are easily accessible and comfortable that offers individual space to each occupant. Behind the third row of every MDX lies a 15 cubic feet of space to load your luggage. The specialty about this cargo space is that it spreads a floor that lies relatively lower than the passenger area, making it more accommodating by utilizing the height.  But if you want some bulky item to be carried in the car, replacing the third row of passengers, then the space can be stretched up to a gigantic 38 cubic feet.

Trims and Packages

Acura offers the 2020 MDX series to be dressed up in three feature packages, namely the Advance, Technology, and A-Spec. The packages only allow the MDX models to step higher in the level of cabin comfort, but do not make any difference under the hood.

Trims and Packages

Source of Power

Most of the MDX trims of the 2020 edition are performance vehicles that maintain the glory of crossovers, as Acura equips them with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine to work under the hood tobuild up 290 count of horsepower after pairing with a 9-speed transmission. For those who want a peppier ride, Acura offers them the option to configure their MDX models with all-wheel drive as an upgrading option. There is also aSport Hybrid powertrain option offered in the 2020 lineup of Acura MDX that is aimed to return a high fuel efficiency.

Technology Aspects

As updated by the Acura Henderson dealership staff, the 2020 Acura MDX can be ordered with technology equipment packages as offered by the manufacturer. If you stick to the Base models without any additional feature package, even then you will get a leather upholstered cabin that allows keyless ignition and freshens up the room with a power moonroof. To make a luxury seating arrangement, Acura installs power-adjustable front seats in addition  to three-zone climate control system that keeps the cabin cozy in all climatic conditions.

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