March 23, 2023
Best Electronic Dartboards

With many people now opting to spend some free time outdoors, demand for the portable solo and team-based games are high worldwide. The right pool basketball hoops are in huge demand during summer. The water guns and pop-up tents also are in high demand. But, if you are searching for the game that actually works outdoors and indoors, the electric dartboard is a best option for more details you can visit They generally come in a lot of sizes and designs, each with the digital scoreboard & soft-tip darts, which you may use over kids very safely. Furthermore, because most of them are battery-powered, but they work very seamlessly in picnic or hiking caps and is important for the outdoor lovers. 

Why to select soft tip and electronic dartboard than steel bristle dartboard?

steel bristle dartboard

Lots of people generally prefer authentic feel of the steel tip darts as well as quality that you may expect from the real bristle dartboard. The bristle boards also are less costly than the best quality of electronic dartboard. Still, there are many advantages to using the soft tip electronic dart board. One primary reason you will want the electronic dartboard over the steel tip darts as well as traditional dartboard is the safety. You must not play with the steel tip darts over young kids. And it makes the traditional board one poor choice for many family-friendly settings. Besides safety, with the soft tip darts one does not need to worry of damaging the walls and other items while playing. Also, electronic boards generally come with many amazing features that will make your game highly entertaining.

These features will include thing such as:

  • Automated scoring (nice bonus)
  • Many pre-loaded games & variations on the traditional games
  • Interactivity & Bluetooth synching
  • Built-in handicapping.
  • Player averages & data on display

The added features will make darts engaging and fun for the wider audience. Now let us look at the features very closely, and starting with the overview of basics.

General Features & Specs

From the distance, lots of soft tip dart boards appear like the traditional dartboard. For example, they have same clockwise scoring sections with the alternating colors that will make every scoring wedge visible and nice. However, look closely and you will see the differences.

Dartboard Face

Dartboard face is generally made from the durable thermoplastic material, like nylon, and it is covered with many small holes. And every hole is tapered to accept this plastic tip of the soft tip dart.

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