Can you transact bitcoins without sharing your identity?

Hope, you are already familiar with bitcoins. It is the first ever created cryptocurrency which is most popular among the people today. There are so many benefits that you can acquire when you use these bitcoins over traditional currency. Some of them include, they are digital currency which you do not need to carry with you, they are decentralized in nature, and it is used across countries and more.

Another good merit of using this digital money is the transactions that are made with bitcoins are anonymous. The sender and receiver details are not revealed but that are still chances for their identities to get revealed. It is possible when, if you are a bitcoin user and transacting your bitcoins to a particular receiver every time.

In this case, the chance for getting revealed your identity is more and also attackers will always have their eyes on you. When you have more number of bitcoins whose value is more than the national currency, this way, all your cryptocurrencies can be hacked by the trackers. You may lose more and literally there is no compensation for this loss. The thing is you need to make your wallet difficult to trace.

You can do it and for that you need to use a bitcoin mixer and using this you can add an additional layer of privacy to your wallet and also lessen the chances for getting hacked. In this article, you are going to know some of the advantages that you can get by using bitcoin tumblers.

The main advantage of Bitcoin Mixer is that it can create a definite level of security and protection for your cryptocurrency transactions. As I said earlier, this bitcoin tumbler will add an additional layer to protect your bitcoins.

When you are using bitcoins for your everyday transactions, it is recommended for you to make use of bitcoin mixers btc2ltc so that your anonymity can be enhanced. Thus, it is tough for the hackers to hack your bitcoin address forever.

Using bitcoin mixer is a great way to stay anonymous when making p2p payments and purchases without losing your money due to inflationary transaction fees. But it is not at all possible when you transact digital currencies without this bitcoin mixing service.

When you transact bitcoins, all your activities are recorded in the block chain and is available publicly to all other bitcoin users. Everyone can view the database and all your transactions will be there. But along with bitcoin mixers, it is impossible to track your address.

Sharing your personal information is risky and where the need for mixing services comes and this will allow you to exchange bitcoins without revealing your personal or real identity.

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