Air purifiers, a very convenient and easy way to make yourself get protected from the pollution which is increasing at a rapid rate. The growth in Industries, vehicles and construction works has increased the consistency of pollutants in the atmosphere. Which is affecting everyone’s health and is leading towards hazardous health issues. The marketers identified the demands of the customers and launched air purifiers. The launch of this product was a great success for the brands. As this product has acquired a good market share now all the other competitive firms have also entered this market. The entry of competitive firms has increased the options for people to choose from.

With the increase in health awareness, people are searching more for air purifiers prices in India. So that they can inhale fresh air with no pollutants which will help them in eliminating the risk of health issues. Among all the brands of purifiers, the brand which has the highest market share in this product is Philips. People are relying more on this brand as it opens before them a wide variety of options. These features of Philips is influencing in increasing the search rate of Philips air purifiers rate. Philips has a collection of different types of air purifiers that can easily fit in the demands of the customers. The various types of models of air purifiers are as follows:

1.PHILIPS AVENT: This air purifier contains advanced filtration systems and filters out your home’s air to make it free of bacteria, allergen, pollutants and other harmful agents so that you and your family can breathe in perfectly safe and healthy air. The three-step fan speed allows you to adjust the direction of airflow as per your liking.

2.PHILIPS AC 1217/20: This smart air purifier comes loaded with a touch screen display that allows you to interact with it in the most comfortable way possible. It also has a special night sensing mode and auto purification mode to clear the air in which you breathe with the help of its advanced nano protection filter.

3.PHILIPS AC 2887/20: It is a portable room air purifier that is best suited for large rooms. It has activated carbons which cleans common particle allergens and also can filter more air per minute. This purifier consumes a power of 60 W and comes with a warranty of 2 years.

These are some of the most preferred models of air purifiers. These models have won the hearts and trust of the customers. They have gained popularity among the rest of the models and have a high fan base. Philips always believes in innovation and therefore always comes with new and innovative products.

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