Is All Takeaway Packaging Biodegradable?

Papers and cardboards are the most ideal materials for packaging as consumers can reuse or recycle them as per their choice. Not instantly, but paper and cardboard decomposes and does not cause harm to the landfill as the plastic does.

This eco-friendly  packaging is used by large sectors including groceries, medicines, clothes, food, and liquid refreshments. This package is easy to carry and is biodegradable. It keeps the environment clean and is a great option to replace plastic bags.

Here is the list of some environment-friendly takeaway packaging, thus biodegradable.

Kraft Paper

Made from wood pulp, this brown paper is available in both plates and clamshell style. The cases made from it are completely recyclable, ecological, and biodegradable. Using this holder will keep the environment toxic free.

Paper Bowls and Lids

Paper bowls are made of paper sourced from the plantations and are surfaced with bioplastic made of plants. These bowls are good at recycling and are available with the lids in different sizes. Its leak-proof lids make it a suitable takeaway packaging case.

Chip Cups

Made with FSC attested paper, these chip cups are available in different sizes. Its bioplastic surfacing made it water-resistant. These cups are easy to recycle even on kerbside recycling.

Sugarcane Clamshells

These sugarcane clamshells are made from renewable sugarcane pulp and are plastic-free. Easily compostable, these clamshells are used for takeaway packaging. It is suitable for various meal types.

bioplastic surfacing

Plates and Bowls of Palm Leafs

Best for the moving food trucks or food stalls business, these palm leaf plates and bowls are effective to serve food. Works great packaging in fairs and festivals. Takes about two months to get completely biodegrade. It is 100% eco-friendly.

Sushi Trays

Made from sugarcane pulp, this sushi tray comes with a bioplastic lid that are plant-based. Being completely organic these trays produce nutrient-rich compost without toxic residue. These trays contribute to healthy changes concerning the environment.

Paper Ice cream Cups

These cups are made of FSC attested paper and are surfaced with bioplastic. They are easy to compost and are carbon neutral.

Sugarcane Rectangle Containers

These vessels have two or three compartments and are made of sugarcane pulp, surfaced with bioplastic. Easy to recycle, these containers are suitable for both hot and cold foods.

Clear Bowls and Lids

Made completely with bioplastic, these bowls are conventional and come with a leak-proof lid. These cases are suitable only for cold food packaging.

The above-mentioned  packaging is great for replacing plastic bags. Easy to decompose, it is toxic-free which keeps the environment pollution free. Good to use, these biodegradable containers need more utilization medium in all sectors spread world-wild.

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