December 3, 2022

Everyone wants to transform those spindly brows into perfectly shaped eyebrows that are red-carpet worthy. People try thickening serums and multiple eyebrow pencils but fail to get those lush and thick brows. Thankfully, microblading has proved to be a game-changing process altogether. To find nearby clinics that offer this treatment, type “microblading near me” as keywords in any search engine.

What’s microblading?

As a part of the microblading procedure, trained beauticians make tiny cuts in the skin and use a special pen to fill the cuts with pigment. The cosmetic procedure helps in shaping eyebrows and giving them a fuller natural look.

Who should opt for microblading?

Microblading is a perfect option for people who want natural-looking eyebrows without the headache of filling them each morning. As the pigment lasts for several months, there’s no need to use that pencil again and again. Microblading is not recommended for pregnant women and individuals who are undergoing treatment for severe medical conditions.

Depending on the sun exposure, a person’s lifestyle, and skin type, microblading’s effects can last for as much as three years. That’s certainly longer than waterproof eyebrow gel.

Ensure you choose a clinic with a superb-reputation

Usually, gaps missed during the initial sitting are filled during follow-up sessions. Ensure the clinic that you choose believes in using disposable instruments as this is crucial to avoid infection. Besides hygiene at the clinic, failing to follow proper aftercare can result in an infection.

Post-procedure care

Depending on the skin type, your beautician will recommend dry or wet healing. To prevent complications, including irritation, beauticians suggest clients avoid using makeup, creams, ointments, rubbing scabs, and washing hair. Using a washcloth or damp sponge for washing the face can help ensure the water does not splash onto the brows. Altogether avoid facial peels, saunas, scratching or rubbing brows, excessive alcohol consumption, and dust exposure during the healing period.

The procedure is performed in extremely hygienic conditions at most of the boutiques. So, there’s no question of transmission of bacteria in the tattooed skin. In the case of reaction-like signs or symptoms, it is advisable to get in touch with the beautician and not apply an antibiotic without consulting.

Do you wish to balance the shape of both your brows? If so, this is the best option for you. Just use “microblading near me” as keywords to find nearby treatment centers in search results. Those with scanty eyebrows are always super-excited to get this procedure done.

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