February 7, 2023

In this world that is so diverse and deep, facts and myths go hand in hand. Behind every myth, there is some fact that explains its origin and existence well. There are so many myths prevalent in different cultures, societies and civilizations that it is quite perplexing to understand from where these originated. Such myths keep passing on from one generation to the other. Even in the ancient History Encyclopedia, you will come across countless myths dating back to ancient history. Till date, there are so many myths related to various aspects of life that are actually believed in and followed by society. We are now discussing the top 5 unexplained myths in the current content.

Ghosts Are Visible At Night Time Only

It is a common myth that has been existence since times unknown that ghosts are visible only at night time. If ghosts do exist then why they come out only at night time has always been a mystery. Anything that exists on this planet should be visible at all times and especially during the daylight. Perhaps this myth is an outcome of the fear of darkness in the minds of some people.

Buildings That Are Old Are The Only Haunted Ones

Again it is a myth that has been passed on from generations till the present modernized and high-tech generation. People mostly believe that buildings that are quite old and vacated for a quite long time are haunted by ghosts. Also, it is assumed that properties, where untimely and unnatural deaths occur, are also haunted. However, evidence for the same still needs to be found and tested as it is just a brainchild of some lesser educated minds.


Money Pit On The Oak Island

Again it is a popular myth as per the ancient History Encyclopedia that the Oak Island that is situated off Nova Scotia in Canada has a money pit of the buried treasure. Further, it is believed that this money pit has been left by the pirates.

The Myth Regarding The Ark Of Covenant

Till date, the historians have been making efforts to resolve the mystery behind the prevalent myth that the Ark of the Covenant got destroyed when Jerusalem was conquered by a Babylonian army. Some myths also state that the ark was carried back or hidden divinely and will reappear only after the arrival of some divine soul.

The Myth About The Bermuda Triangle

Another myth pertaining to the existence of sea monsters or some other mysterious forces in the Bermuda Triangle of the North Atlantic Ocean has always been a matter of discussion for the history lovers. Most people believe that ships and aeroplanes go missing in this mysterious area due to such forces or sea monsters only.

Knowing about the myths and exploring the actual facts about them has always been interesting.

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