Trendy Socks: What To Look For When Buying

Most people consider socks as a boring necessity. It is a mundane gift received from parents, grandparents, and other well-meaning relatives. That was before. Today, there is much more to buying socks than meets the eye. It has evolved from a practical need.

It is normal for human feet to sweat. Socks HK help absorb that sweat to draw it out toward the air for evaporation. Even minimal sweating can damage shoes. Socks extend the life of outer footwear.

A good sock absorbs sweat and allows the distribution of perspiration. The foot stays dry and sweat evaporates before bacteria feeds on it. It prevents your shoes and your feet from having a bad smell.

People are now more conscious of how they appear. A good sock helps complete their daily look. Men trendy socks are available in online shops and physical shops worldwide. Here are some things you should consider when buying socks.

Men trendy socks


Black used to be the automatic go-to dress sock color. It is still acceptable today, but there are several options for different occasions. When in doubt, you can match the color of the sock to the color of your trouser leg. If you are more on the daring side, you can go for a contrasting sock to take it a notch further. If you go for bright socks, go for ones in comfortably contrasting colors. You can also use socks that have a pattern that references color elsewhere in your outfit.


A good sock for business dress should come at least midway up the calf. If you find all the way to the lower edge of the knee comfortable, that is great. Most of the manufacturing cost comes from the material. A lot of brands use shorter lengths to cut costs.


The material of the sock has a huge impact on its performance. There are several common base materials. Some of these are cotton, nylon, polyester, and wool. It also includes a whole range of other synthetics. Most companies use trademarked ones, others use those known by their chemical names only.



Cotton is absorbent and good for soaking sweat off the skin. It does not let moisture towards the surface, and it does not allow wetness to evaporate fast. You will enjoy it for short periods of wearing but can be problematic for a full day’s wear.


Wool breathes easily, unlike cotton. It lets wetness evaporate. It also offers much more warmth in cold conditions. But, it is bulky and lacks specific properties for speeding moisture away.


Most manufacturers use synthetics because it is easy to shape them into fibers. These fibers encourage wicking. Examples of these synthetics are acrylic, olefin, polyester, and polyethylene. These are thin materials and provide little cushioning or smugness. Excellent socks use these materials blended with thicker and stretchier materials.

There is no such thing as an ideal sock material. A lot of companies use their trademarked blend. It depends on your needs and preferences.

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