February 7, 2023
What is PBN Hosting? How can it help you?

PBN Hosting is known as web hosting and it is particularly designed to help SEOs to securely host a private blog network. By assuring the domains in your link network cannot be joined together and you can reliably link to your money site and have higher rankings on Google.

What makes your PBN Hosting safe?

Unlike other PBN Hosting platforms PBN LTD does not crowd their customer sites onto the same IP addresses. Normally when a tool displays ‘Unique IPs’ they are different to you but a quick look at a backwards DNS tool will reveal that you are sharing an IP with 100s of other PBN areas.

pbn management dashboard

How does a CDN protect your network?

When you host on a CDN your server’s real IP is masked. Instead of having a fixed IP address each site has a vibrant one taken from a pool of over half a million.

As your site’s IP can change regularly and is completely sharing with the 3 million+ other sites using these large CDN systems, there is no greater way to tie sites commonly through IP or hosting location alone.

Since you are sharing with a huge number of reliable websites that care enough about performance to spend top dollar for the fastest -hosting you also evade the ‘bad neighborhood’ effect of old pbn management dashboard and SEO hosting companies.

Can you hide the links from Ahrefs and Majestic?

Absolutely! All sites block over 100 faulty bots and link crawlers to avoid your competitors from sniffing out your links. There’s no need to attach any plugins, PNB LTD keeps spying eyes out by default.

All blogs are deployed naturally with CDN protection fully equipped. Assuring the real IP of your website never reveals to Google or other search engines. They will provide a total added layer of safety to your network in all way possible ways. They also use the DNS/Name servers given by these massive DNS providers.

Therefore, you can totally hide your Private Blog Network in the cloud. Not only do CDN’s providers treat you with the DNS, but they additionally will assure your sites even quicker. They offer a wide variety of different CDN’s, selectable upon deployment in their bespoke pbn management dashboard. Thus securing your network of PBN websites, is even more different. Start your CDN enabled PBN websites now with PBN LTD Hosting.

Why are your Word Press sites so fast?

PBN LTD’s CDNs are created for speed, and their sites load in milliseconds. They host using the latest PHP (v7.3) and Nginx to give one of the highest performance WP hosting settings on the web. Later use NGINX FastCGI cache to additionally boost performance. One test site they run with minimal theme loads in simply 143ms!

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