Why do people dream? – Some facts to know

Dreams are nothing but hallucinations that you used to have during some stages of your sleep. Some people can recall their dream but most of the individuals cannot remember something they dreamt of. Your dream can be last from 5 minutes to 2 hours of every night and it makes little, sometimes no sense at all. This is because when you sleep you will not think of anything, though your brain works.

We can simply say that dreams are basically images and stories that our mind is creating while we are still sleeping. Some dreams will make you feel happy, sad, frighten, confused and bizarre. You can dream any time during your sleep and you can dream clearly when your brain is active. Research has proved that one will be able to dream from 4 to 6 times a night and so it is a common thing when you dreamt of something.


 Here you are going to know some of the interesting facts about dreams, so ready to allot some of your time to go through those things about dreams:

  • The first thing that you need to know about dromen is, it is not that only people of this age group will dream. But every people regardless of their age will dream, even a baby has its own dream.
  • Another good fact that you need to know about dreaming is, almost all people used to forget their dreams once they have awakened up. Why people forget their dreams are due to the fact that their brains do not store that information that they dreamt of.
  • It is not that all of your dreams are colorful, also we can say that not all people are dreaming in colors. When you recollect the things that you saw in your dreams, in most of cases you cannot tell the exact colors.
  • Though dreams are common regardless of gender, not people of both genders dream the same thing. Just like the characteristics of women and men, their dreams are also different.
  • Not only human beings but also animals used to dream and you may notice that the pets when you have one used to wag its tail or move its legs. We can see that it is dreaming of something, from this it is clear that they do also dream.
  • A good fact about dreams is, even blind people may dream, though it is common, one thing is different is they dream visually. They can see visual imagery in their dreams, interesting, right?

I hope, you would have gained some knowledge about the dreams after you have gone through this article. Though we have created so many innovations, the question of why we dream is still unanswered.

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