Why need to prefer product filter & search for your website?

Most of the people need something special and they always search their preferred products on online store. There are plenty of ways for buyers to find what they’re seeking for including collections and good navigation. But, with a large collection of products, this can be difficult for your buyers to navigate.

That is why you want to have a good product filter & search app to help your customers to get their chosen products. This app is believed by some of the most prominent brands in the world and gives great results. Customers will be very comfortable with their happening and it can increase trust and boost conversions on your website.

Make use of the smart filter app to increase customers:

There are loads of filtering options accessible to your buyers. This smart product filter & search app enables you to filter through various options including size, variant, colour, tags, price, collection, brand, vendor, inventory, type and discount. You can still have a discount option to boost those looking for a deal to get the best in your shop. The app further allows you to join similar values so could display in the same search. For example, dark blue and light blue can be carried in the search blue.

On your site, you can have an infinite number of filters to support your customers find accurately what they’re looking for. There’s also further help with auto-suggestion and live product research. To avoid customers from getting worried when they can’t find something due to a spelling mistake or typo you can allow auto completing, suggestion and autocorrect features on your website. This app was created for those companies who have large inventories.

The product filter & search app qualities and highlights:

  • Optimized for laptops, desktops, mobiles and tablets.
  • Can manage very large product lists.
  • Amazingly fast and Relevant Search Results: Due to the industry-leading business search technologies, this type of search app does an excellent job of discovering the most relevant search results with filters and ordering.
  • Hundreds of product filtering choices for you
  • Get the desired results with various filtering options
  • Save customer’s time with superior search and suggestions
  • Get the result immediately while typing with spell-checking, auto-correction
  • Provide help for 1 million products in your store
  • Require no modifications in the designs with modern Shopify themes
  • Multi-Language Support: The product filter & search app works perfectly with English, Greek, Arabic, French, Slovenian, and other languages. Your shoppers will find what they are seeing for, no matter what language they practice.
  • Your Product Will Be Found, One Way or Another: Search app has immediate access to every branch of your Shopify store. In addition to pages, collections, and blog posts, it examines product qualities such as descriptions, titles, SKUs, tags and options. The more data is received into account, the more strong and powerful the search will be.


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