Fun Token- What Are They And Where To Buy Them?

FunFair is a platform based on blockchain technology that allows all game operators to run their apps hassle-free. While you are playing subscribed games on various online sites, a platform is needed to make your experience more enjoyable and cost-effective. This platform makes use of the fun token for an enriching gaming experience with EtherEum decentralization. You will come to know further about fun tokens below.

What Is A Fun Token?

The indigenous token of FunFair is the Fun token that is priced recently at around 3.5 cents. The company mined about 17 billion fun tokens in June 2017. No more of the fun tokens are going to be mined in the coming years. More than 25% of these tokens have been issued to the purchasers during the Phase 1 presale.

After that, the remaining numbers of tokens have been put in the FunFair foundation trust to sell them later. According to the time someone bought them, fun token’s cost value has seen variation in the presale duration. After the sale of the initial $5 million value, $1 value of 150 fun tokens was created, which cost each fun token around 0.05 cents. After that, they created the $1 value of 100 fun tokens.

The uses of a fun token on FunFair are

  • For making wagers, players buy it on the gaming platform.
  • The creators of the game are paid in terms of fun tokens.
  • The fun tokens are used to pay any fees in the FunFair system.
  • The tokens are used for investment purposes.

Where To Buy Fun Tokens?

To get your fun tokens, you need to have an ERC-20 Ether wallet. The two wallets that are preferred for that are MetaMask and MyEtherWallet. MetaMask is a kind of Ethereum browser that can manage every ERC20 token, which takes fun tokens too into consideration. After creating an account on MetaMask, you can ERC20 or fun tokens. The fun token is supported by the following hardware wallets, which are

  • Ledger Nano S

The following websites can be referred to purchase the fun tokens

  • com
  • Coinmama
  • IO
  • Localbitcoins


Fun tokens are the kind of cryptocurrency that can’t be further mined. Though they are limited in the count, their countless advantages and quick transactions, have made people choose them over the real money. They have been pre-mined in the year 2017 and still are used by the FunFair platform.

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