What Are Rapid Deployment Towers And Why Are They Useful?

Today technology has made lives simpler and jobs easier. Many construction sites, different events, and certain kinds of infrastructure with least or no electric connections and wiring structures are using deployment towers for creating surveillance. To understand the entire concept of towers, their usage, and importance, consider reading below!

What Are They?

Rapid deployment towers are CCTV towers that are specifically designed for providing temporary security and surveillance solutions to places like construction sites, railways, tunnels, highways, and several infrastructure projects. Not only are they well-equipped but also easy to install and convenient. Today, they have unlimited features and designs that match the latest technology and security requirements.

Why Are They Important?

These towers are available in a distinct variety of features and usage. They are easy to move, install, efficient in work, and can provide up-to-date technical advantages. For instance, towers with wi-fi- can be used at places with no or minimal power and connection services.

What Are Rapid Deployment Towers

What Are Their Major Benefits?

Rapid deployment towers are the top essential equipment to be used in construction and sites for confirming complete security and safety of the area. Especially if the site is located in an extremely remote and strange area, CCTV surveillance becomes of top importance considering limited assets and connections available with the company’s manpower. Some major benefits are as follows:

  • Easy to install and use: They are called rapid because of their easy installation service. They do not need expert professionals for care but can be easily maintained and accessed allowing anyone to DIY their installation and usage with a simple guide or manual.
  • 24X7 protection: They are designed to provide round-the-clock surveillance service for confirming and utmost safety of the location no matter how remote or tough it is.
  • Cost-effective: Since they are efficient and offer the best protection to your site, you can limit the service and resolve your dependence on costly security agencies.
  • Provide an overview of the site: These towers are not limited to just confirming surveillance of the working location but can also manage different functions including, site access control, across sit-boundaries access monitoring and control, audio alerts, etc.
  • HD images and recording: The towers are equipped with a variety of features, one being video recording and clicking HD images for later access and record keeping.

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Making your operations technically strong is the demand of the day. Thereby, adding deployment towers to your projects is one of the wisest decisions you can make.

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