A.      Crypto currency is now getting popular even though it was created decade ago because at first it is thought that as it is virtual money transfer and you does not get any kind of physical statement of assurance everyone thought that this is useless and also you cannot trust over this, but nowadays it is getting popular and many governments are promoting the use of this method of transaction as it does not involve anyone to take care of it and also it is decentralized,If you are looking for such kind of platform to transfer money then visit the site Solana Blockchain which is safe and relevant site to do transaction

Solana Blockchain

Want to know about mining

B.      Mining is the procedure done in transaction of cryptocurrency mining means one has to decode the cryptographic language which is used for transactions and verify the transaction if you decode the cryptographic language then you will get the same cryptocurrency in decimal fraction

C.       If you do more and more mining and also you can learn more and more cryptocurrencies in return

D.     Mining requests hi network and also high technology computers only then mining can be done, there are separate mining centers in each and every country where mining is done, if hacker hacks one mining he doesn’t and cannot had the other mining centers which are located in the different parts of the world

E.      For this reason that transactions through the crypto currency it’s very safe and also if you transact through this process you can earn extra rewards also

F.      Cryptocurrency mining is very costly as it involves and requests hi network and also advanced technologies even though it is difficult to do but once you decode it you can earn rewards in the form of crypto tokens

G.     If you are looking for it best website to do this kind of transactions then visit the website Solana Blockchain which is safe and legal to do this transaction and also they charge less transaction charges when compared with the centralized banks which act as a third person for your transaction to take place

H.     Hello so everyone has to move towards this method of transaction because as it is very easy and also charge less transaction charges and also it takes place within minutes if you want to transfer money from country to country


If you want to transact through this mode of transaction then visit the above mentioned website which is the best blockchain which keeps your transaction highly secured and also your transaction takes place within no time and also with low transaction charges so that the transaction is confidential between the sender and the recipient

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