What are the best options to transport your bicycle and bulky things?

If you are skeptical about taking your bicycles along with you during travel, don’t think anymore. The below write-up lets you know the best option for shifting your heavy things or your bicycles. Go ahead to choose a mini bus charter singapore where transporting these items is not a hassle anymore. With many professional service providers available, all you need is to choose one.

  • Taking your bicycles along:

You must have been constantly annoyed by your kid’s request to take their bicycle along when you plan for a trip. Well, you have not thought of anything other than a cab for your travel then. You will be very glad to know that a minibus can take care of your needs. No more hassles when you plan your next trip. A minibus can be spacious enough for your bicycle transport needs.

               You have the 7-seater and the 13-seater variants in a minibus that can accommodate your bicycle. A 7-seater minibus can fit in 2 mountain/road bicycles and a 13-seater can fit in nearly 5 bicycles of the same type. Rental companies have staff who are experienced to guide you through the selection of the correct vehicle for your transport.

         These provide value for money as you can take your bicycle along with you in the same vehicle. No need to hire separate vehicles and no need to avoid carrying also. Your family can have a nice time during the weekend or vacation.

  • Relocating things:

When you are planning to relocate certain things which are bulky, you don’t need to search for a separate movers and packers facility. Your minibus charter Singapore can provide you the best service for this need. You may have shopped extensively for your new home or a scheduled journey and to take things home you will require a spacious vehicle. It should take care of your precious things as well as provide economic transport options. All you have to do is contact the best charter service and inform them of your needs. They can suggest to you the type of minibus needed based on the size of things transported.

  • Heavy luggage:

In case you are traveling as a group and have a lot of baggage to be carried along, then you don’t have to worry. The minibus can take care of your needs. They can provide for a lot of space behind and it is sufficient for a group of up to 13. This can also easily fit into your budget. Don’t worry about your shopping during the travel, it can be easily stored in your minibus. Storage can also be created on top to accommodate some extra luggage. It is suitable for airport transfers as well.

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