Escape room online is an adventure game which is very popular in USA another western countries. In this a player is trapper or locked in a room left with a series of puzzles, clues and hints using which he would have to solve and escape the room within the prescribe limit. The game can be played like a single and multiplayer game. It is available to download on top gaming platforms like android and IOS and is exceptionally popular with the teenage students.

The earliest of the escape rooms were created in the year 2006 and since then it has found acceptance and popularity in many countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Canada, United States, Israel and mainly Canada. Of the most notable organizers include the adventure rooms, clue quest, the escape hunt experience, clue job, puzzle break etc.  So it was evident that after this the escape room online would pick up more momentum with large number of players and so did it happen.

escape room online

3 reasons which justify the benefits of playing escape room game

  1. Improves cooperation- being trapped in a room and immersed in a room away from home can lead to majorly improving relationships between the people. The situation there prompts random choices and brings to the forefront the hidden talent of the people which was subsided till now behind the desk. In countries where there are special escape rooms built, individuals might enhance their cooperation amidst themselves. It exposes the weakness and strengths of the individuals who use their hidden talents to solve the mysteries and puzzles and make them effective in working well with a team.
  2. Enhances co-worker relations- playing the mystery game along with co workers breaks away the prevalent social barriers and brings to the forefront the effective relationship between the managers and the staff people. Besides giving them thrill and undue pleasure of the game it gives them a whole round of relevant experience which improves the co-worker relations amidst the people. When locked in a real and practical room it brings down the hidden talents amidst the people and breaks the position barriers prompting the players to work together as a team.
  3. Stimulates creative thinking- since a player or multiple players would have to use their creative skills in solving the puzzles or mysteries this would evolve their creative mind and creative thinking skills. The rooms which are generally designed for 2-6 players allow only 60 minutes to the players to unearth the concealed mystery from under the carpet. After this inability to solve the puzzle would lead to the team losing the game. So it enhances the creative thinking and creative mindset of the players.
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